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This Github Repository contains everything needed to deploy the GenAI lesson collaboration with George Mason University in the Systems 530: Systems Engineering Management 1 course taught by Dr. Philip Barry.

The dataset (Peril_Dataset.xlsx) is an excel file with synthetically generated data as well as real world data sourced from Tom Kendrick ( The dataset is comprised of project failures, and includes the reasons for those failures as well as the impact of those failures in both time and money.

The instructional design guide (MITRE-GenAI-Instructional Design Guide-2019.pdf) provides the instructional design template for GenAI.

The lesson plan (MITRE-GenAI-lessonplan-SYST530-2019.pdf) contains an overview of the dataset, how to access the notebook, how to get started in Jupyter Notebooks, and walks through the data and questions the students should answer.

If you would like to see the static version of the notebook for a quick view please use this URL:

If you would like to interact with the notebook, please use this URL and follow the instructions in the lesson plan if it is your first time using Jupyter Notebooks:

If you would like to interact with the notebook on your own computer, please download the notebook (SYST530 Notebook.ipynb) as well as the data (Peril_Dataset.xlsx).

Please ignore the requirements.txt file as it is used by Binder (

For any questions about this repository or the files inside - please email Ali Zaidi at


A lesson plan for the SYST 530 course taught by Dr. Philip Barry






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