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This project would not have been possible without the following people. Sincere gratitude is expressed to:

Sektenspinner For his script package Ikarus.
Lehona and Gottfried For their script package LeGo.
Mark56 For his initial work on the LeGo Gothic 1 port.
Lehona and NicoDE For their help with technical questions.
Fisk2033 For reigniting the interest in the Gothic series.
Siemekk For his idea on how to implement strafing.
For their unmatched hard work, great feedback, untiring bug search, wise suggestions, fruitful discussions and the enduring participation in the beta test.

Further, the following people provided great feedback and ideas in the beginnings of development or helped somewhere along the way.

Tyra     Gorilla     Milky-Way     Rayzer (Splash)     Simon     gladi1994     Draxes     Ska-Ara     multichaos     TazmanDevil     Bonne6     Dada     Neconspictor     TheBigLeBRUCEky     BlackBat     MyGamingHD     Siemekk     Tyrus     königsgardist     Kardulor     Zaphod Beeblebrox

Finally, a big thanks to the lively World of Gothic Community,
the mod-teams considering to use of GFA in their projects and anyone playing Gothic with GFA.

Since not all of the people mentioned here gave their full name, all of them are listed with their alias from the World of Gothic DE Forum. Everyone on that list can be found with the provided search function.
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