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Free Aiming Ninja Patch

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The most recent version of GFA will soon be available as patch.

With the help of the Ninja patch system, free aiming is now also available as stand-alone patch ready to be used along-side virtually any Gothic 1 or Gothic 2 modification.

The patch comes with an option to disable free aiming from the game menu and with all GFA features enabled, with the exception of re-usable projectiles. In order to not mess with the balance of the underlying mod, this feature is disabled in the patches.


Gothic Gothic II: NotR
Systempack 1.7 Systempack 1.7
Version 1.08k_mod Report version


Simply copy the file Ninja_GFA.vdf into the directory [Gothic]\Data\. To uninstall, remove the file again.


The patches are also available in the Spine Mod-Manager.


Please do not direct any support questions towards the creators of the underlying mod! The usage of Ninja patches lies outside of their support.

The introduced, additional accuracy modulators (draw force for bows, steady aim and weapon recoil for crossbows) may be disabled by setting the following variables in the game save to 1 (with the GVE or with the Spine Savegame Editor).

  • GFA_Disable_Recoil
  • GFA_Disable_DrawForce

Additional settings can be made in the Gothic.ini as described here.


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