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package zarnekow.goodbye.tests
import org.eclipse.emf.common.util.URI
import org.eclipse.xtext.junit4.InjectWith
import org.eclipse.xtext.junit4.XtextRunner
import org.eclipse.xtext.junit4.util.ParseHelper
import org.eclipse.xtext.junit4.validation.ValidationTestHelper
import org.eclipse.xtext.resource.XtextResourceSet
import org.eclipse.xtext.util.StringInputStream
import org.junit.Assert
import org.junit.Test
import org.junit.runner.RunWith
import zarnekow.goodbye.goodbyeDSL.Leave
import zarnekow.hello.helloDSL.Enter
import zarnekow.goodbye.goodbyeDSL.GoodbyeDSLPackage
import org.eclipse.xtext.diagnostics.Diagnostic
// Alternatively trigger the HelloDSL already in the StandaloneSetup of the
// GoodbyeDSL (see zarnekow.goodbye.GoodbyeDSLStandaloneSetup.createInjectorAndDoEMFRegistration
class LinkingTest extends Assert {
// Helper to read GoodbyeDSL models - cannot be used to read other language's models
@Inject ParseHelper<Leave> parseHelper
// Allows to obtain a new resource set
@Inject Provider<XtextResourceSet> resourceSetProvider
// Helper to test all validation rules and ensure resolved links
@Inject ValidationTestHelper validationTester
@Test def void successfulLanguageTest() {
val resourceSet = resourceSetProvider.get
// create a resource of language 'HelloDSL'
val helloLang = resourceSet.createResource(URI.createURI("sample.hello"))
// parse some contents
helloLang.load(new StringInputStream("Hello Sebastian!"), emptyMap)
// and read the root instance
val enter = helloLang.contents.head as Enter
// ensure it's not null
// and valid
// use the parse helper to read a model of the 'GoodbyeDSL' into the same resource set
val leave = parseHelper.parse("Bye Sebastian!", resourceSet)
// it's not null, too
// and also valid
val goodbye = leave.farewells.head
// explicitly check the cross reference
assertSame(enter.greetings.head, goodbye.hello)
@Test def void linkIsUnresolvedTest() {
val resourceSet = resourceSetProvider.get
// use the parse helper to read a model of the 'GoodbyeDSL' into the same resource set
val leave = parseHelper.parse("Bye MissingHello!", resourceSet)
// it's not null
// but has an unresolved proxy
validationTester.assertError(leave, GoodbyeDSLPackage.Literals.GOODBYE, Diagnostic.LINKING_DIAGNOSTIC)