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Types of website hosting

  • Dedicated server (old-style bare metal)
  • VPS (a slice of one physical server)
  • Cloud server (redundant hypervisor, network and storage)
  • Platform as a Service - PaaS (preinstalled and fine-tuned virtual servers or containers)
  • Manged hosting (usually a fine-tuned virtual server plus maintenance)
  • Shared hosting (a user and a limited virtualhost on a physical web server)

VPS in Hungary

Shared hosting in Hungary

VPS and cloud server hosting

Managed hosting


  • Heroku
  • Pagodabox (Nanobox)
  • Jelastic
  • OpenShift
  • CenturyLink (AppFog)

Dedicated server

Server manager

Shared hosting

Hawk Host

  • LiteSpeed webserver with HTTP/2
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 180 seconds long PHP 7.0 OPcache
  • Memcached for WordPress object-cache
  • Fast disks (SSD)
  • MariaDB version 10 database
  • Modern cPanel with SSH access thus you can use WP-CLI
  • European and US location
  • Server stability of SoftLayer, an IBM company



  • Keycdn 10×Europe, Made in Switzerland