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Hosting checker

Shared hosting service (webspace) checker based on my personal demands.

This shell script runs on your terminal (Linux, Windows/Cygwin, OS X) and checks any FTP/PHP/MySQL hosting service/webspace by uploading PHP code and downloading its output. No SSH access is needed for the hosting service, it runs on your own terminal.

You can use it to

  • choose hosting provider
  • fix errors in an existing site
  • prepare for traffic spikes
  • reduce spam
  • speed up a website


  • domain name (only .hu TLD by parsing website)
  • website IP, reverse hostname
  • nameserver hostnames, IPs, locations, "Domi" domain check
  • MX hostname, IP, reverse hostname and its IP
  • SPF record
  • FTP TLS certificate (lftp with gnutls has a bug)
  • webserver name, Apache modules
  • keep-alive support
  • MIME types (from the HTML5 Boilerplate project)
  • HTTP compression
  • HTTP Cache-Control header
  • concurrent HTTP connections
  • PHP version php-ng
  • PHP memory limit
  • PHP excution time limit
  • PHP HTTP functions (for downloading)
  • PHP Safe Mode, magic quotes, register globals
  • PHP user ID and FTP user ID comparison
  • PHP Server API
  • PHP extensions
  • PHP time zone
  • MySQL version
  • set up PHP error logging
  • server CPU info
  • CPU stress test
  • disk benchmarks
  • MySQL benchmark (TODO)
  • total size of WordPress "autoload" options
  • and a lot of manual checks (notices, links)

Output types

  • HTML with clickable links
  • a coloured text file for console (use less -r to view it)
  • Bash parsable key-value pairs


  1. Install dependencies: lftp (curl is not a full-featured fallback) bind9-host whois, optionally pip install ansi2html.
  2. Download it: git clone && cd hosting-check.
  3. Autogenerate config file: ./
  4. If you have WordPress installed you don't have to set up database access, wp-config.php will be read instead.
  5. Start it: ./

Cygwin on Windows

On Cygwin use apt-cyg and install lftp beside ncurses, wget, bind-utils, util-linux and whois.

apt-cyg install ncurses wget lftp bind-utils util-linux whois

To clone this GitHub repo you will need:

apt-cyg install git libcurl4

Stress tests

Hosting company PHP steps shuffle AES
AMD FX-6300 5.4 1.139 1.074 1.169
ole 5.4 1.677 1.809 0.479
td 5.4 0.818 0.889 0.653
sh 5.3 2.823 2.048 0.329
wpe 5.3 2.962 2.500 0.963
mc-cluster 5.3 1.983 1.924 1.095
pan 5.5 1.696 1.425 0.494
for 5.4 1.344 1.015 0.279
lin 5.4 1.102 1.087 0.220
sh-os 5.5 0.805 0.605 0.133
cloud 5.6 0.897 0.960 0.887

steps increments a variable from 1 to 25 million, shuffle shuffles and calculates MD5 sum of a string half million times, AES encrypts an MD5 sum 2500 times. You can find the source in hc-query.php

Company names are hidden intentionally. Times are in seconds.


You are more than welcome to test drive this script and attach the output in an issue.