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Customize your WordPress site's robots.txt and include remote content to it.
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Multipart robots.txt editor

Useful robots.txt-reading bot categories

  • search engine crawler
  • feed bots
  • SEO crawlers
  • social crawler
  • advertisment checker bot
  • archivers

Search engine crawler user agent IDs

  • Googlebot
  • Googlebot-Image
  • Googlebot-Mobile
  • bingbot
  • BingPreview
  • msnbot
  • Yahoo! Slurp
  • YandexBot
  • YandexImages
  • MJ12bot
  • Baiduspider

Feed bots user agent IDs

  • Feedfetcher-Google
  • Feedstripes

SEO crawlers user agent IDs

  • AhrefsBot

Social crawler user agent IDs

  • facebookexternalhit

Advertisment checker bot user agent IDs

  • AdsBot-Google

Archivers user agent IDs

  • ia_archiver

Command line tools and HTTP libraries user agent IDs

  • Wget
  • curl
  • libwww-perl
  • Python-urllib


  • vs_api: needs to save once to create the option -> admin_notice

  • vs_api: option autoload on/off option

  • vs_api: required fields

  • vs_api: settings: return admin_notice

  • vs_api: phpdoc

  • vs_api: i18n

  • vs_api: row, col, size args

  • vs_api: legends! where?

  • vs_api: TODO radios

  • vs_api: TODO multi checkboxes

  • vs_api: HTML textarea + editor (settings-api-tabs-demo-ban megnézni)

  • vs_api: issue: ideas for Tabs (separate pages, 1 page + js hide/show, 1 page + ?tab=)

  • admin notice in case of subdir, parse_url(home URL)

  • At least one "Disallow" field must be present in the robots.txt file. - check for that


  • one day transient with fallback to WP records
  • file creation instruction: wget -O ABSPATH . "robots.txt" home . "robots.txt"
  • subdir installs with path in Site Address (Settings / General)
  • no run on Settings / Reading / "Discourage search engines from indexing this site"
  • about FIXME: several UA-s and one is "*"
  • recommended sitemaps:
  • video: (you can drag&drop it into the URL field below after emptying that field)
  • video: "URL of the remote robots.txt" deafult value is local (more about other defaults)
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