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Support and Troubleshooting for IGraph/M

For support, use the official igraph forum or Mathematica StackExchange.

IGraph/M is currently under development, and a few bugs are to be expected. However, I try not to release a new version until most problems I know of are fixed. If you do find a problem, please open an issue on GitHub. Please include the output of IGraphM`Developer`GetInfo[] in the bug report.

Common problems

  • "Cannot open IGraphM` "

    This message will be shown in the following situations:

    • IGraph/M is not installed. Please follow the installation instructions carefully.

    • IGraph/M is not compatible with your system. Please review the system requirements. Additional symptoms will be that PacletFind["IGraphM"] returns {} but PacletFind["IGraphM", "MathematicaVersion" -> All, "SystemID" -> All] returns a non-empty list.

  • "Cannot open LTemplate`LTemplatePrivate` "

    Loading fails with this error if one tries to use the master branch (development branch) without the necessary dependencies.

    Please download IGraph/M from the GitHub releases page instead. It includes everything needed to run the package.

    Do not clone the git repository and do not use the master branch unless you want to develop IGraph/M.

  • "No build settings found. Please check BuildSettings.m"

    This error may be shown when trying to load IGraph/M on an incompatible platform. Currently, the following platforms are supported: Windows 64-bit, OS X 10.9 or later, Linux x86_64 with glibc 2.14 or later, Raspberry Pi with Raspbian Buster.

    It may be possible to run IGraph/M on other platforms, however, it will be necessary to compile it from source.

    If you see this error on a supported platform, please file a bug report and include the output of IGraphM`Developer`GetInfo[].

  • The function IGlobal_get_collection was not loaded from the file ... or similar error appears on Linux

    Check that you are using a Linux distribution with glibc 2.14 or later. This is the minimum requirement. If your Linux distribution does have the required glibc version, then please open a new issue.

Known issues and workarounds

  • Graph[Graph[...], ...] is returned

    Sometimes layout functions may return an expression which looks like

    Graph[ Graph[...], VertexCoordinates -> {...} ]

    or similar. A property does not get correctly applied to the graph. This is due to a bug in Mathematica. I believe I have worked around most of these issues, but if you encounter them, one possible workaround is to cycle the graph g through some other representation, e.g. g = Uncompress@Compress[g].

  • The graphs returned by IGBipartiteGameGNM and IGBipartiteGameGNP may not render when using the DirectedEdges -> True and "Bidirectional" -> True options. This is due to a bug in Mathematica's "BipartiteEmbedding" graph layout and can be corrected by passing GraphLayout -> Automatic to these functions. Alternatively, they may be rendered using IGLayoutBipartite.

  • IGDocumentation[] may not work with Mathematica 11.1 on Linux. Please enter IGraphM/IGDocumentation in the Documentation Center address bar to access it (or simply search for igraph in the Documentation Center).

  • IGZeroDiagonal will crash with non-square sparse matrices in Mathematica 11.1 and earlier. This is a bug in those versions of Mathematica.

  • With Mathematica 13.1.0, evaluating cells may be very slow. This is due to a bug in Mathematica's Front End. One workaround is to disable command auto-completion.

  • See also