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%%30%30 Game: Don't touch the trees! (Thanks, Chrome dev team!)
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%%30%30: A Game

Mouse your way through the map without touching the deadly trees! (Chrome, Opera, etc. only)

WARNING: Do you have important, unsaved work open in other tabs?
You need to close this tab RIGHT NOW. Go save your work. Come back. Enjoy!

NOTE: Is this game not working? Congrats, your browser is no longer vulnerable to the bug!
Still want to play? Want more info? Check out:

Start here… stay with the bears!

Okay, that was easy enough, let's step it up a little?

Lets make it even harder…

Good luck!

Congrats, you made it!

Is the game not working for you? Here's what it's supposed to look like:

Game screencast

Why isn't it working for me? Why does this project have so many stars?
See here for more info:


All further development will continue on the gh-pages branch.
See for more info.

Credits & License

Original idea by @szhu, with special thanks to the Chrome dev team for making this possible! You (the general public) can do whatever you want with the repo except claim it as your own work :)

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