On each day in 2019, I will add a new design to this repo.
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designs 💡 1/23: Grouped Windows Jan 23, 2019


💡 A Design a Day

The Rules

  • On each day in 2019, I will add a new design to this repo.
  • The design must have context and be thought-out, but it can be any kind of design (UI, process, physical, code, etc) and does not need to be precise (hand drawings ok).
  • The design could be a completely new idea, or a major addition to an existing idea. Less than 1/3 of the designs can be additions.


Hello, world! I am a new-ish software engineer aspiring to be better at design and writing.

For the past 5 years or so, I've had a lot of ideas that I've wanted to become reality, but these ideas have never seen the light of day for various reasons:

  • I am lazy.
  • I am too much of a perfectionist – I tend to not want to show an idea to others until I feel like I've completely thought it through.
  • I am slow at writing down ideas eloquently and in a presentable way.

With this repo, I aim to change that! By the end of 2019, I hope to be:

  • less lazy (or at least have enough inertia to appear less lazy)
  • more okay with imperfection and works in progress
  • better at striking a balance between writing fast and writing well I'll also have a nice list of 365 ideas, so that's cool, too.

I hope that this repo – or the ideas contained therein – inspires you as well!

– Sean Zhu (github.com/szhu)

P.S. check out my previous attempt at this (I lasted a grand total of 1 day): https://github.com/szhu/dailyui-2016


Day Kind Idea
1/23 UI/UX Grouped Windows
1/22 Backend JSON Command-Line Programs
1/21 Frontend Unified Chronological Message Log
1/20 Frontend Per-Chat and Importance Alert Tones
1/19 Frontend Music Speed/Loop Control App
1/18 Frontend User-Friendly Password Rejection
1/17 Frontend "Mute All Except..." Option
1/16 Frontend Conversational Shell
1/15 Frontend Exponential Volume Control
1/14 Hardware Standardized Headlights
1/13 Hardware Self-Righting Game Tiles
1/12 Hardware Indoor Skiing
1/11 Hardware Floor-Wall Lamp
1/10 Backend Tabular JSON
1/9 Frontend JavaScript Page Busy Indicator
1/8 Hardware Standard Physical I/O for All Devices
1/7 Frontend React Collapsing Element
1/6 Hardware Microwave Mute Button
1/5 Backend Sort JSON with Comments
1/4 Frontend GitHub Web Code Editor
1/3 Hardware Laptop with Non-Backlit LCD Screen
1/2 Backend Relative link calculator
1/1 Process This repo!