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GitHub-centralized Git: A simple command that removes local branches that correspond to a closed or merged PR.
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This tool will delete all local branches:

  • whose latest commit has been pushed to a PR, and
  • whose latest commit doesn't exist in a remote branch.

This ensures that the remaining branches reflect either unpushed work, or branches in progress.

When this tool deletes local branches, it will print out the commit of each branch it deletes. You should save the output of this tool in case you want to use it later. An easy way to do this is with:

github-prune | tee -a github-prune-output.log

Installing and using

Option 1: Running directly from GitHub

If you run this tool only every now and then, this is the easiest option.

  1. Install Deno. (On macOS: brew install deno)
  2. cd into your repo.
  3. Run: deno run --reload --allow-run

Option 2: Running from installed location

This option is more similar to a traditional install.

  1. Install Deno. (On macOS: brew install deno)
  2. Clone this repo.
  3. Either:
    • Make sure the bin folder in this repo is in your $PATH.
    • Create an alias to the bin/github-prune script in this repo.
  4. cd into your repo.
  5. Run: github-prune
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