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Pinned tabs in Chrome are nice, but if you expect to always have the same set of pinned tabs open, you may be frustrated by how unpersistent they are. Pushpin is here to help.


Install Pushpin from the Chrome Web Store.

Configure your favorite set of pinned tabs in the extension options.

Not sure where your pinned tabs are? Click Pushpin to make the pinned tabs appear in the current window. If they're open in another window, Pushpin will move them to the current window. This will preserve tab settings, like whether audio is muted. If the pinned tabs aren't open, Pushpin will open them for you.

Webapps are buggy sometimes, especially after going offline. Double-click Pushpin to reload all your pinned tabs.


Possible features for the future:

  • Prevent pinned tabs from being closed, either with a confirmation dialog or by re-opening pinned tabs if they are closed.
  • Accept multiple pinned tab configurations that can be cycled through.
  • Accept advanced pinned tab configurations (for example, keeping a tab always muted).
  • Quickly close or deactivate all pinned tabs.
  • Smarter restoration of tabs after some but not all of them have been closed.