Some applications for Symbian S60.
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Some applications for Symbian S60.

Contents & History

Writing Python code on a Nokia 3650 was my first real attempt at Python – and programming, for that matter. This repo contains the culmination of my programming work from around 2006 to 2008.

Nokia developed a Python platform for its S60 phones, called Python for S60, and that is what I developed on.

This repo contains:

  • Filebrwser/
    A file browser. Included with PyS60 as a script; I turned it into an app and added improvements.

  • PyInstaller/
    Converts Python scripts into native apps. Included with PyS60; I improved the UI.

  • Python/
    Runs Python scripts. Included with PyS60; I added improvements.
    Python/A/ and Python/B/ contain some scripts.

  • TextEdit/
    A plain-text editor a variety of editing features. I created this one myself entirely and used it as a bootstrap to write more code. Sorry for the name theft, fruit company, but I thought it was a good one.

  • Scripts/
    More scripts.

Some extra notes:

Code style. This code is insanely lacking both horizontal and vertical whitespace. The reason for this is that I wrote all of it not on a computer but on the phone itself, so I was working with a screen width of about 20 characters wide and a cursor that could move only one character at a time.

Other's work. Some parts of the code here are not mine; it should be very obvious which parts. I've included them too for the sake of completeness, and also because Nokia probably no longer cares about whatever copyright it has on S60-related things.

Commit convention. Each commit on the original branch adds the most recent version of each file from before 2015. The author date reflects the last modified time.

Future plans. For fun, I may generate screenshots or modernize this 7-year-old code in the next few months.


These apps are written in Python and require the Python for S60 runtime to work.

The .py files should work on all PyS60 variants, but the binaries are likely S60v1-only. As stated above, PyS60 comes with an app (PyInstaller) that can turn Python scripts into native apps. (This is how the TextEdit app binaries were generated.)