Offline clone of the spyfall game.
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Spyfall is a multi-player in-person game in which each player is either:

  • a spy and has to find a secret location, or
  • a civilian and is given the location.

The civilians must work together to determine who the spy is.

This project is inspired by a similar project,, which in turn was inspired by an actual game you can buy. This project is endorsed by neither.

This repo contains a variant of the game, with these changes:

  • Custom locations
  • No roles except civilian and spy
  • Offline gameplay (once the page loads)
  • Single-device gameplay (pass the computer/phone around)
  • One thing well: This project automates only the aspect of the game that is impossible to do manually, i.e. pick a random location and give it to all but one player.

To serve app files yourself, cd into it and python -m SimpleHTTPServer.