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| MOTP |
| |
| motpy for a python solution|
| by |
| szimszon at |
| web: |
NO WARRANTY! I'm not a security expert!
= Installation =
== Pre-requirements ==
Install python-crypto.
# apt-get install python-crypto
== Get the code ==
You could clone the git repo:
# git clone git://
# cd motpy
Or get the latest zip from:
Unzip it and change dir to motpy.
== Copying files ==
Copy motpy script to /usr/local/sbin
# cp motpy /usr/local/sbin
Copy the backend module to python dist-package
like in ubuntu 11.10
# cp /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/
If you have a debian based system then you probable have a /usr/share/pam-configs/
directory. You could copy the pam-configs-motpy to it like:
# cp pam-configs-motpy /usr/share/pam-configs/motpy
Copy the config file motpy.conf to /etc/security:
# cp motpy.conf /etc/security
You should change the salt= line to something other. But you have to type 16, 24
or 32 character!
Now the system is half installed.
== Set up the user pin and secret ==
Execute the following:
# motpy -i [username]
If you omit the username than the current user's pin and secrec is set up.
== Config the pam ==
If you have pam-auth-update and you copied the pam-configs-motpy already you can
just run
# pam-auth-update
If you config pam manually then you could put in auth section in pam file:
-- cut --
# If motp is sufficient
auth sufficient expose_authtok debug /usr/local/sbin/motpy
-- cut --
-- cut --
# If motp is required
auth required expose_authtok debug /usr/local/sbin/motpy
-- cut --
Now are almost done.
You should test the config before drop the last privileged session :)
Now you are done.
Thanks for makeing motp so easy to implement!
Have a nice day.
If there is a question you could send it to szimszon at