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import lucene
import pickle, sys, datetime
import numpy as np
from scipy.spatial import distance
THREADS_NUM = int(sys.argv[1]) # NOTE not used
EXPERIM_ID = sys.argv[2]
EXPERIM_FILE = sys.argv[3]
DICTIONARY_PATH = sys.argv[4]
VECTORS_PATH = sys.argv[5]
NONVEC_SURROGATE_DISTANCE = float(sys.argv[6])
# Load the reference dictionary.
dict_str = ''
copyright_end = False
with open(DICTIONARY_PATH) as inp:
for line in inp:
line = line.strip()
if '</COPYRIGHT>' in line:
copyright_end = True
if not copyright_end:
dict_str += ' ' + line.split('\t')[0]
# Load word vectors.
word_to_idx = {} # ie. indices of vectors
idx_to_word = {}
first_line = True
word_n, vecs_dim = 0, 0
with open(VECTORS_PATH) as vecs_file:
for line in vecs_file:
if first_line:
vecs_dim = int(line.split(' ')[1])
first_line = False
# Read word forms.
word = line.split(' ')[0].lower()
word_to_idx[word] = word_n
idx_to_word[word_n] = word
word_n += 1
word_vecs = np.loadtxt(VECTORS_PATH, encoding="utf-8",
dtype=np.float32, comments=None,
skiprows=1, usecols=tuple(range(1, vecs_dim+1)))
# Load the test corpus.
test_err_objs = None
with open('test_set_{}.pkl'.format(EXPERIM_ID), 'rb') as pkl:
test_err_objs = pickle.load(pkl)
test_samples_count = len(test_err_objs)
# Java imports:
from import PlainTextDictionary, SpellChecker
# boilerplate for setting up spellchecking:
from import StringReader
from import RAMDirectory
from org.apache.lucene.index import IndexWriterConfig
from org.apache.lucene.analysis.core import KeywordAnalyzer
from import LevensteinDistance # corrected to Levenshtein in later versions
# Start JVM for Lucene.
# Set up Lucene spellchecking.
dict_reader = StringReader(dict_str)
dictionary = PlainTextDictionary(dict_reader)
ramdir = RAMDirectory()
spellchecker = SpellChecker(ramdir)
spellchecker.indexDictionary(dictionary, IndexWriterConfig(KeywordAnalyzer()), True)
# Set up Lucene distance computation.
distance_check = LevensteinDistance()
# Run the word correction test.
def word_vec(word):
return word_vecs[word_to_idx[word]]
def correct_word(word):
candidates = spellchecker.suggestSimilar(word, 10)
# Add edit distance information (we get this as a Lucene similarity measure in [0, 1]).
candidates = [(cand, 1.0-distance_check.getDistance(word, cand)) for cand in candidates]
# Add vector distance information.
candidates = [(cand, ed_dist, distance.cosine(word_vec(cand), word_vec(word))
if (cand in word_to_idx and word in word_to_idx)
for (cand, ed_dist) in candidates]
candidates.sort(key=lambda x: x[1]+x[2])
if len(candidates) > 0:
return candidates[0][0]
return ''
good, bad = [], []
counter = 0
with open('Vector_distance_corrections_{}.tab'.format(EXPERIM_ID), 'w+') as corrs_file:
for (sample_n, err_obj) in enumerate(test_err_objs):
print('{}/{}'.format(sample_n, test_samples_count), end='\r') # overwrite the number
error = err_obj['error']
true_correction = err_obj['correction']
correction = correct_word(error)
print('{}\t{}'.format(error, correction), file=corrs_file)
if correction == true_correction:
print() # line feed
with open(EXPERIM_FILE, 'a') as res_file:
timestamp ='%d-%m-%Y_%H-%M-%S')
print('Vector distance ({})'.format(timestamp), file=res_file)
print('Accuracy: {}'.format(len(good)/len(test_err_objs)), file=res_file)
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