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Leader of Nation, or my shot at making a browser-based grand strategy

wow live demo!

What to try: you are the red empire in the mid-east. You can click on an army and move it to an adjacent province. You can click on a building to change production mode of the province. Production modes influence the clocks in the top, which represent your military and scientific development, as well as population's happiness. For example, when the military countdown comes to zero, you can click on it to deploy some new unit (and choose its type).

Note that it's all prototype & amateurish. Enemy AI is non-existent, and there is no combat system. On the plus side, you can easily conquer the whole map!

The Story

So sometime around 2013, I started to develop a browser-based grand strategy wargame (think much-simplified Hearts of Iron). It was to have real-time gameplay and work on desktop and mobile. One Polish company wanted to buy it if i finished it, but eventually I decided I'm not that much into making video games. Three years later, I reckon I could as well put it on GitHub. You can do with it what you want.