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version 1.22 (13-Jan-2019)
* References to shalbum website updated to GitHub
(watermark samples still pending).
version 1.21 (15-Dec-2013)
Bug Fixes:
* 'shalbum -u' was not properly creating image dirs inside 'album'
whenever they were not present.
version 1.20 (24-Oct-2013)
Bug Fixes:
* Minor bug in which subtitles were truncated at first '='
version 1.19 (26-Jan-2009): oops...
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed 'echo -n' incompatibility issues on MacOS X
version 1.18 (28-Dec-2008): the best so far
* Major improvements on CSS and HTML code: output HTML not only is
well indented and better commented but also the page display is
is about the same in every web browser.
* New 'shalbum-white.css' sample Cascading Style Sheet file
included along with the default 'shalbum-black.css'. It has
never been easier to customize the layout of your albums.
* Slideshow mode now scrolls to the picture to optimize usage of
screen space.
* Image 'alt' property and page title are now the picture subtitle
instead of picture name (when available).
* Other minor code improvements.
version 1.17 (25-Dec-2008)
New Features:
* shalbum/shalbumrec: now user can specify his/her default CSS
* Improved display on IE 6.0
version 1.16 (23-Dec-2008)
* HTML 4.01 Transitional => XHTML 1.0 Transitional
* Lots of clean ups on hard-coded HTML (centralized in CSS function)
version 1.15 (28-Oct-2008)
Bug Fixes:
* shalbumrec: fixed bug with files named '*img*' (thanks to Sima M)
* font face += Sans Serif
version 1.14 (13-Aug-2008)
* shalbumrec: refactoring on piece of code that calls shalbum
* References to shalbum website updated to
(watermark samples still pending).
* HTML files are now created inside temporary directory.
Bug Fixes:
* shalbumrec/shalbum title/date delimiter changed to '^'
to prevent 'invalid delimiter' error on some systems.
* Replaced hard-coded index.html references by ${idx_basename}.html
version 1.13 (25-Jul-2008)
New Features:
* shalbum: new 'cutatdot' picture label type
* shalbumrec: new dirname_as_title and dirname_underscores_as_spaces
conf options - thanks to Frank Merenda (fmerenda) for the suggestion
Bug Fixes:
* *_r.html files were being generated even if slideshow_time was
version 1.12 (17-Apr-2007)
New Features:
* New -u command-line option to update existing albums.
Bug Fixes:
* Removed erroneous extra "<tr>" on pages >= 2 which caused HTML
validation to fail.
version 1.11 (18-Feb-2007)
New Features:
* New uname_in_revision=(full|short|none) to print OS name in
HTML comment (default: full = `uname -srm`).
* shalbum and shalbumrec now calculate and print running time
information on SunOS too.
* Percentage printed now means 'already processed images' instead
of 'to be processed after this one'.
Bug Fixes:
* Small fix counting files with white spaces in their names.
version 1.10 (8-Feb-2007)
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed heaps of bugs in order to make shalbum to run smoothly
under SunOS. In chronological order:
- '-e' replaced by '-f' and '-d' on 'if' conditions
- replaced "$((...))" by 'expr' calls
- not printing time info if uname is 'SunOS'
- 'echo -n' calls replaced by 'printf' or simply 'echo'
- 'grep -E' calls replaced by 'egrep'
- 'which' calls updated to parse SunOS's error message
- 'printf_info' wrapper function removed
- 'html_compliant_filename' function renamed to 'html_compliant'
- 'cd -' calls replaced by 'cd ${...}'
version 1.9 (1-Feb-2007)
Bug Fixes:
* Small fix printing running time on index-only mode.
version 1.8 (19-Jan-2007)
Bug Fixes:
* Small fix reading config files to correctly support dash
(Debian Almquist shell), the default sh on Ubuntu Linux systems.
* Documentation: added more information on GraphicsMagick and
'dash' to 'Performance Issues' section.
* Default author and e-mail are now empty.
version 1.7 (13-Jan-2007)
New Features:
* shalbum and shalbumrec now calculate and print running time
* New shalbumrec options '-Q' to suppress shalbum's output, and
'-q' suppress all output.
* shalbumrec now supports GraphicsMagick too.
* Small code improvements on shalbum and shalbumrec.
version 1.6 (12-Jan-2007)
New Features:
* Added GraphicsMagick support. Now user can choose between
ImageMagick and GraphicsMagick. GM is usually *MUCH* faster.
version 1.5 (2-Dec-2006)
New Features:
* New option order_by="file" will consider a .shalbum-input file
in the current dir as desired input in the specified order.
The .shalbum-input file should name one image file per line.
* Refactoring on looking for image files strategy.
version 1.4 (20-Oct-2006)
* Looking for ImageMagick's binaries before attempting to run.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed config file search output.
version 1.3 (6-Oct-2006)
New Features:
* User can now define his own default options by creating a
'/etc/shalbum/shalbum[rec].conf' file and/or a
'$HOME/.shalbum/shalbum[rec].conf' file.
* Documentation: added 'Performance Issues' section.
* shalbumrec default n_columns 3 => 1 (more elegant ;-))
* INSTALL and README documents reviewed.
* Sample configuration files renamed to shalbum.conf-sample and
* Printing shalbum and shalbumrec revision info upon execution.
Bug Fixes:
* Fixed shalbum path on shalbumrec. Also checking if it exists.
* Fixed on shalbumrec 'grep' for index_pic on .shalbum.
version 1.2 (29-Sep-2006)
* Great performance improvement: smaller files are being created
from immediately superior image instead of the original file itself.
Taking ~10-50% less time.
* Output compacted.
* Some code readability improvements.
Bug Fixes:
* Thumbnail watermark was invisible.
* Watermark file creation size 'fixed' when limit_by_height is on.
version 1.1 (23-Sep-2006)
New Features:
* shalbumrec script to run shalbum recursively through directories.
* new -b and -l options to set back-link address and label.
* new "limit_by_height" config option to consider
[th|vga|huge]_res variables as image's max height.
* new "img_align" config option, possible values "center" and "optimal"
to control image alignment in its column on index page.
* new "shalbumrec_index_pic" config option in .shalbum to tell
shalbumrec which pic to represent this album in shalbumrec.
* _options renamed to .shalbum (deprecated _options still works)
* other minor code tweaks
version 1.0 (1-Sep-2006)
New Features:
* New exif_rotate option (default: "yes") to auto-rotate JPEG images
with EXIF orientation information.
* thframe and vgaframe options now default to "no"
* small performance improvement when not using picture borders
version 1.0-RC11 (22-May-2006)
New Features:
* New huge_file option that adds to the album a 3rd image for
every single picture. This image can be also a copy of the
version 1.0-RC10
* New sample watermarks pointing to shalbum site.
version 1.0-RC9
New Features:
* Heaps of command-line options implemented!
* Documentation improvements
version 1.0-RC8
* Added a Makefile for installation/uninstallation and an INSTALL
file with instructions.
version 1.0-RC7
Bug Fixes:
* order_by approach corrected
* Deprecated LS_COMMAND option backward compatibility support
version 1.0-RC6
New Features:
* New option "long_description", default yes
If shalbum finds a file called <pic-file-name>-description.html,
it is attached to that picture's page.
Bug Fixes:
* Tmp dir wasn't being removed on "-i" mode
* Removed "LS_COMMAND" option and replaced it by an "order_by"
option that can be either "name" or "time".