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Tiny Embeddable MIPS Emulator

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tememu == Tiny Embeddable MIPS Emulator

This project is hardly usable ATM. It is going to be a small&fast MIPS32 emulator at one point.


Right now, only a handful of instructions are understood by the emulator. I'm aiming for 100% test coverage, so I'm progressing slowly but steadily.

Right now the master branch is very unstable. Once I have a stable version, I'll stop blindly commiting into the master branch and only merge once a feature is complete and the overall lib is usable.

First stable version is a version that emulates a MIPS version correctly (probably R2000).

Currently, the greatest program it can run is a fibonacci generator :).


Use premake to generate a suitable makefile/project file.

Build dependencies:

As Ubuntu/Debian package names, you can probably copy-paste these to install them on these distros): libboost-dev

Other dependencies

Building on *nix:

premake4 gmake
make config=release


make config=debug

To run the unit tests, execute:


from the root directory of the project. The unit tests use binary programs from ./testmips folder (i.e. current working directory/testmips). It won't work if you cd into that folder.

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