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#! /bin/sh
# This script makes the autoconf mechanism for the Unix port work.
# It's separate from because it won't work (and isn't needed)
# on a non-Unix system.
# It's nice to be able to run this from inside the unix subdir as
# well as from outside.
test -f unix.h && cd ..
# Persuade automake to give us a copy of its install-sh. This is a
# pain because I don't actually want to have to _use_ automake.
# Instead, I construct a trivial unrelated automake project in a
# temporary subdirectory, run automake so that it'll copy
# install-sh into that directory, then copy it back out again.
# Hideous, but it should work.
mkdir automake-grievous-hack
cat > automake-grievous-hack/hello.c << EOF
#include <stdio.h>
int main(int argc, char **argv)
printf("hello, world\n");
return 0;
cat > automake-grievous-hack/ << EOF
bin_PROGRAMS = hello
hello_SOURCES = hello.c
cat > automake-grievous-hack/ << EOF
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(hello, 1.0)
echo Some news > automake-grievous-hack/NEWS
echo Some text > automake-grievous-hack/README
echo Some people > automake-grievous-hack/AUTHORS
echo Some changes > automake-grievous-hack/ChangeLog
rm -f install-sh # this won't work if we accidentally have one _here_
(cd automake-grievous-hack && autoreconf -i && \
cp install-sh ../unix/install-sh)
rm -rf automake-grievous-hack
# That was the hard bit. Now run autoconf on our real
(cd unix && autoreconf && rm -rf aclocal.m4 autom4te.cache)