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This repo is for my YouTube video series on building bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework SDK v3. It has been deprecated in favor of SDK v4.
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Bot Framework SDK v3 Tutorial Code for the YouTube Video Series

This repository is for my YouTube video series on building bots with the Microsoft Bot Framework.

This code is inefficient in many areas, and incomplete in others, and each file, and several methods, are created on a step-by-step basis in the videos, and archived in this code for reference. Please do not mistake this for a fully-functional, fully-optimized, and complete application.

With the preview release of the Bot Framework SDK v4, the days of this tutorial (both the videos and the code) are numbered. For code, I encourage you to take a look at the conference bot example that I am working on for the SDK v4. There will be a video tutorial series published soon that follows that code, and the code is much more optimized. I've decided against repeating the multi-file, step-by-step approach of the conference bot tutorial.

This tutorial was originally slated for a lot more videos. I wanted to show how you could use built-in entities to handle "to" and "from" directions, as well as rich cards for when multiple results are returned for the trains; however, with SDK v4's release on the very near horizon, it made more sense to deprecate this repository, and the tutorial series, in order to concentrate on SDK v4. As a result, I've concluded the tutorial series by bringing the example to the fruition of a rich card result, and the videos talk about some of the finer points of changes for efficiency.

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