Script to batch load in metadata choice elements for Cantemo Portal
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Cantemo Portal Metadata List Builder

This script can populate or update the values in Portal metadata fields with "choices" options. Input files can be either flat text files with a single value (choice) per line, or a csv file where the first column are keys, second column are values. All keys will be slugified first before being added


  • Cantemo Portal
  • Python
  • requests


After having the prerequisites in place this script requests be installed. You can install requests with pip.

pip install -r requirements.txt

Usage [-h] [-u USERNAME] -p PASSWORD -a ADDRESS -f
                                FIELD -i FILE_PATH

Options overview

short flag long flag description
-h --help show this help message and exit
-u <USENAME> --username <USERNAME> Portal username, uses "admin" if not set
-p <PASSWORD> --password <PASSWORD> Portal password
-a <ADDRESS> --address <ADDRESS> IP Address or DNS name of Portal server
-f <FIELD> --field <FIELD> Portal metadata field
-i <FILE_PATH> --input-file <PATH> Key/Value input file (line delimited values or csv key/value pairs)

Example Syntax

python ./ -p password -a -i ~/Desktop/listfile.txt -f portal_mf257027

Input file Syntax

The input files can be a simple list of values:

value 1
value 2
value 3

In this case, the keys will be slugified versions of the values, so value-1 , value 1.

It can be a CSV file with two columns:

key1,value 1
key2,value 2
key3,value 3


"key1","value 1"
"key2","value 2"
"key3","value 3"

This will also slugify keys but leave values intact.

Or it can be a mix of both:

value 1
key2, value 2
"key 3","value 3"