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Szunyog's Emacs Configuration


This is my emacs configuration settings. I am planning to modify it continuosly according to my needs. I mostly use Emacs for Python development.


I use Emacs under Debian linux, so some of the modules could be installed from the debian repository, if the debian package is working I prefer to use it, because I think it is easiery to install and mantain with the built in package manager of debian. So to use my config you will need the following packages to be installed:

  • python-mode
  • pymacs
  • auto-complete-el
  • yasnippet
  • pyflakes

Additional packages which are not working or not exists on Debian:

  • rope (python-rope debian package is not working perfectly)
  • ropemacs (python-ropemacs debian package is not working perfectly)
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