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Pragwork 1.1

Pragwork is a pragmatic web framework for PHP 5.3+ inspired by the ideas of Ruby on Rails. The framework supports MVC and RESTful approaches and uses the PHP ActiveRecord library for O/R mapping. Pragwork has also the internal support for localization, testing (using ZTest library by Jason Frame), AJAX, Markdown, PHP Mailer, and more. And all of that is slightly mixed with a rationale philosophy utilizing the best sides of PHP along with the common sense of making software.

Pragwork is the technology created by Szymon Wrozynski — a freelance software developer from Poland. Currently, Pragwork is free, open source software in continuous development, publicly available under the MIT License. Pragwork requires a web server (PHP 5.3, URL rewriting) and a database server.

For further information, FAQ, and tutorials please visit the Pragwork website at

I hope you do enjoy pragworking!

Good luck with your projects!

Szymon Wrozynski