Maximizes and restores the current window in Vim.
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Maximizes and restores the current window in Vim.


Place in ~/.vim/plugin/maximizer.vim or in case of Pathogen:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
git clone

Please, don't forget to star the repository if you like (and use) the plugin. This will let me know how many users it has and then how to proceed with further development :).


Maximizer lets you maximize split windows and restore them automatically. It is very useful if you like to have many split windows per tab. And also, if the text you are working with does not ...subscribe to the ridiculous Church of 80-character Lines.... It means, while working with Ruby on Rails code. ;) Or just with lengthy HTML files.


Maximizer has only one command:


Also the plugin can define some default mappings if the user wants to. By default it maps to <F3> in normal, insert, and visual modes. See Configuration to get some examples.

When the current window is not in maximized state, Vim-Maximizer saves dimensions and positions of all windows in the current tab, and then it performs maximization of the active window. The second time the command is invoked, Maximizer restores all windows to the previously saved positions.

The toggle command can be invoked with a bang (!):


The bang version forces the restoration of previously saved state (if any). It can be used in case you did some changes in the maximized state layout and the current window is not maximized anymore. Despite that, the bang version force restoration anyway. Notice, the bang version can be set as the default one in your mappings.

Configuration -------------

Maximizer is extremely handy with command mappings. By default it uses <F3> like here:

nnoremap <silent><F3> :MaximizerToggle<CR>
vnoremap <silent><F3> :MaximizerToggle<CR>gv
inoremap <silent><F3> <C-o>:MaximizerToggle<CR>

With these mappings you can hit <F3> any time, not only in normal mode. Other handy situations may include typing some text while you don't fit the current split window or selecting some long lines in the visual mode. Just try it yourself.

Maximizer respects minimal allowed window size, both vertically and horizontally. By default the minimal window height and width are set to 1. You can change those values by tweaking 'winminheight' ('wmh') and 'winminwidth' ('wmw') settings in your .vimrc.

Here are some plugin options:

  • maximizer_set_default_mapping

    Whether Maximizer should set default mappings or not:

      let g:maximizer_set_default_mapping = 1
  • maximizer_set_mapping_with_bang

    Whether Maximizer should set default mappings with banged version or not:

      let g:maximizer_set_mapping_with_bang = 0
  • maximizer_default_mapping_key

    The default mappings key:

      let g:maximizer_default_mapping_key = '<F3>'

Author and License

Maximizer was written by Szymon Wrozynski and Contributors. It is licensed under the same terms as Vim itself.

Copyright © 2012-2013 Szymon Wrozynski. See :help license