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SZMentionsSwift is a lightweight mentions library for iOS. This library was built to assist with the adding, removing and editing of a mention within a textview.

How To Get Started


  • If you need help, feel free to tweet @StevenZweier
  • If you found a bug, have a feature request, or have a general question open an issue.
  • If you want to contribute, submit a pull request.

Installation with CocoaPods



To integrate SZMentionsSwift into your Xcode project using CocoaPods, specify it in your Podfile:

source ''
platform :ios, '8.0'

pod 'SZMentionsSwift'

Then, run the following command:

$ pod install


Below is a quick run through of the objects used in this library but as always the best place to get an understanding of the current implementation of the SZMentionsSwift library is in the example code.


This class manages the mention interaction.


Use one of the many initializers to setup your mentions listener. Parameters explained below:

mentionsTextView : required The text view we are applying the mentions listener to. Note: it's delegate must be the mentions manager.

delegate : optional If you would like to receive UITextView delegate methods set this and it will be passed through after processing view the mentions listener.

mentionTextAttributes : Attributes (see: AttributeContainer) to apply to the textview for all mentions

defaultTextAttributes : Attributes (see: AttributeContainer) to apply to the textview for all text that is not a mention.

spaceAfterMention : optional Whether or not you would like a space to be added to the end of your mentions. Default is NO

trigger : The string used to start a mention. Default is @

cooldownInterval : optional The amount of time to wait between calling showMentionsList. Default is 0.5

searchSpaces : optional Mention searches can / cannot contain spaces

hideMentions : required Block of code that is run when the mentions view is to be hidden

didHandleMentionOnReturn: required Block of code that is run when enter is hit while in the midst of editing a mention. Use this block to either: - 1. add the mention and return true stating that the mention was handled on your end (this will tell the listener to hide the view) - 2. return false stating that the mention was NOT handled on your end (this will allow the listener to input a line break).

showMentionsListWithString: required Block of code that is run when the mentions list is to be shown


mentions : readonly Array of all mentions currently applied to the text view.


public func reset() : Call this method to reset your textView's text to an empty string and also remove any existing mentions.

@discardableResult public func addMention(_ mention: CreateMention) -> Bool : Call this method while adding a mention to apply the mention to the current text.

public func insertExistingMentions(_ existingMentions: [CreateMention]): Insert mentions into an existing textview. This is provided assuming you are given text along with a list of users mentioned in that text and want to prep the textview in advance.

CreateMention (Protocol)

This protocol contains the required properties for a mention being sent to the mentions listener

AttributeContainer (Protocol)

This protocol contains the required properties for attributes to be applied to attributed text


This struct is returned via the mentions method, it includes the range of the mention as well as object containing the object sent to the mentions listener via the addMention(_ mention: CreateMention) method.

Unit Tests

SZMentionsSwift includes unit tests which can be run on the SZMentionsSwift framework.


SZMentionsSwift was originally created by Steven Zweier