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righty.css - light grid and toolbox

A very, very light-weight grid and toolbox. 3kb without modules/ 19kb with modules(before gzipping).


Add Righty to your project:

  • Download (or clone - bower coming soon) the folder from github
  • insert it in your scss folder, @import "righty";
  • Your done!
  • If you want to incorporate some of the bundled modules, you'll need to comment them in or out, in the _righty/_modules file.

Why Righty?

All tools are built to solve a problem. Righty is a light-weight, easy to use yet efficient, OOCSS grid, with a few additional modules and scripts that are used frequently.

Who is Righty for?

We love huge frameworks, that cover all the bases. For a large and complex project, that will utilize a lot of the pull-this & push-that, and all the offsets and different computed styles for several breakpoints, we like Foundation.

But for many small & medium sized projects, we just dont need all the overhead. Righty comes equiped with a common, 12 column grid (can be changed through sass variables), several helper classes, some extra modules if you'd like as well as a couple scripts that may come in handy.

Most of the scss files have commented out html examples that can be used or augmented. Most of it is pretty straight forward, but as it grows, so will the doc's.