!!This project will not be maintained as it has been sent off from the production. You can fork the project or have a look on the new one at https://github.com/szyb/synopackage_dotnet !!
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What is this repository for?

This is source code for page https://search.synopackage.com. It is a search engine for third-party packages dedicated to Synology's DSM system.

How do I get set up?

  • Installation

    • clone the repository
    • install composer (if not installed already)
    • in terminal type: cd src && composer install
  • Configuration

    • All configuration files are included in "conf" folder
  • Dependencies

    • Mustache >= 2.5
    • symfony/yaml 3.3
    • monolog/monolog 1.23
    • autoload
    • PHP 7.1 (may be probably downgraded, however not tested)
    • phpunit/phpunit 6.3.0
  • Database configuration

    • This is database-less application
  • How to run tests

    • call "phpunit" in main folder
    • with html code coverage: "phpunit --coverage-html src/clover" (or other folder)
  • Deployment instructions

    • Copy all files from "src" folder www root folder or www sub-folder
    • Create "cache" folder and make sure it is writeable

Contribution guidelines

  • Writing tests
    • create "cache" folder in root directory (if not exists already) - it's mandatory for tests
    • run tests before develop feature
    • develop feature and add new tests
    • run tests after development
    • if tests passed then commit
  • Code review
    • I'm a single developer, so there is no code review (for now)
  • Other guidelines
    • Just keep the current architecture

Who do I talk to?

  • Repo owner or admin
    • See my profile details
  • Other community or team contact
    • None (for now)