Simple application for sending preprocessed data from Kinect through OSC
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There's experimental processing-based version in branch processing.

Kinect2OSC is simple openFrameworks applications for sending some pre-prepared data from Microsoft Kinect using OSC.

Messages include recognized blob contours, centroids, and Lucas-Kanade optical flow data.

Kinect2OSC screenshot


You can try and build this application yourself, it requires openFrameworks and some external addons: ofxCv, ofxUI, ofxOsc.

There's also binary available in releases section.

OSC Messages

  • /count - sends number of recognized blobs/centroids
  • /centroid/n - sends two float values - x and y position of centroid n
  • /blob/n - sends set of values describing blob contours of blob n - x1, y1, x2, y2...
  • /flow - sends set of values describing optical flow in the image - x1, y1, x2, y2...

NPM Module

There's counterpart to this application - kinect2osc-receiver - released as npm module (currently available only from github), for easy interfacing with node.js/Plask applications.