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#Pico Tags Plugin

Pico Tags Plugin is depracated, I've switched long ago to other ways of buliding my website (currently statically generated with harp.js), and I am no longer mainting this, you can try looking for forks on github.

Provides tags functionality for Pico.

Adds /tag/ url, that allows displaying pages with only given tag (e.g. /tags/pico), index page displays only pages with tags, which gives distinction between tagged pages (which can be use as blog posts), and untagged (which can be used as static pages).

To see Pico Tags in action you can visit my website!


Copy pico_tags.php to plugins folder inside pico installation.


Add Tags filed to post meta:

Title: Pico Tags Example
Date: 2013-08-03
Tags: php,pico,plugin

Setup theme index.html, example:

{% if is_front_page %}
<!-- index or tag/ page -->
	{% for page in pages %}
			<!-- link to page -->
			<h3><a href="{{ page.url }}">{{ page.title }}</a></h3>
			<div class="tags">
				<!-- display page tags with proper urls -->
				{% for tag in page.tags %}
						<a href="{{ base_url }}tag/{{ tag }}">#{{ tag }}</a>
				{% endfor %}
				{{ page.excerpt }}
	{% endfor %}
{% else %}
<!-- single page -->
		<h3>{{ meta.title }}</h3>
		<div class="tags">
			<!-- display single page tags with proper urls -->
			{% for tag in meta.tags %}
				<a href="{{ base_url }}tag/{{ tag }}">#{{ tag }}</a>
			{% endfor %}
			{{ content }}
{% endif %}