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Command line notebooks powered by observablehq

Local notebooks written in pure javascript, with the same live-relaod functionality as Observable!

Install editable-cli, (npm install -g editable-cli) create new file editable-test.js and run editable-cli ./editable-test.js.

Create few cells using def global function (try saving the file between each edit to see live updates):

  1. def("a", 10) - defines cell a to equal to 10
  2. def("b", 20) - defined cell b to equal to 20
  3. def("sum", (a, b) => a + b) - defines sum to be sum of a and b, changing either of those cells will result in updated sum value

Currently edited file is watched for changes, and frontend automatically refreshes (without full-page reloads) while keeping the cell state intact (unless that cell was changed).

More examples in examples directory.

Named by Peter van Hardenberg.


I like the idea of notebooks, but I also really like my text editor.

editable-cli allows me to have both.

It was also fun getting to know observable/notebook-runtime.


npm install -g editable-cli


  1. editable-cli ./file.js
  2. open URL logged to console