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nótt usage instruction

There's four main cards controled by upper left buttons:

  • play - main screen for looping/jumping
  • ctrl - main control screen
  • vol - volume and feedback control
  • opt - random buttons, mainly granular-mode related



  • play mode displays loop position
  • touching any of the loop control points jumps to that position
  • holding one of the jump positions, and then touching another one creates subloop



  • rec turns recording on/off (multiple loops can record at the same time)
  • playback rate controls speed of replay
  • rev turns playing backwards on/off
  • normal switches to normal (defaul) mode
  • granular switches to granular playback mode
  • playing toggles playback on/off
  • to clear buffer, hold alt and touch rec



  • volume controls loop volume
  • feedback controls recording feedback (only influences the loop when rec is on)



  • these options only influence the loop in granular mode
  • span controls the granules span around current playback position
  • length controls length of the granules
  • voices controls amount of granules
  • fwd switches granules to play forward (default)
  • bkw switches granules to play backward
  • rnd switches granules to play in random direction
  • pitch toggles on/off if sample playback speed influences granule playback speed (default to off)


  • touch one of the four pattern buttons to start recording
    • every action is recorded - not only playback position, but also volume, rate, etc.
  • touch the pattern button to stop recording
  • touch it again to start looping the recorded actions
  • hold alt and touch the pattern to delete it
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