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Add tab completion for \dx in psql

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1 parent 229fb58 commit 62e28b3e41353dd79802113b3e9f2a81246146f0 @mhagander mhagander committed Aug 15, 2013
Showing with 3 additions and 1 deletion.
  1. +3 −1 src/bin/psql/tab-complete.c
@@ -894,7 +894,7 @@ psql_completion(char *text, int start, int end)
"\\a", "\\connect", "\\conninfo", "\\C", "\\cd", "\\copy", "\\copyright",
"\\d", "\\da", "\\db", "\\dc", "\\dC", "\\dd", "\\dD", "\\des", "\\det", "\\deu", "\\dew", "\\df",
"\\dF", "\\dFd", "\\dFp", "\\dFt", "\\dg", "\\di", "\\dl", "\\dL",
- "\\dn", "\\do", "\\dp", "\\drds", "\\ds", "\\dS", "\\dt", "\\dT", "\\dv", "\\du",
+ "\\dn", "\\do", "\\dp", "\\drds", "\\ds", "\\dS", "\\dt", "\\dT", "\\dv", "\\du", "\\dx",
"\\e", "\\echo", "\\ef", "\\encoding",
"\\f", "\\g", "\\gset", "\\h", "\\help", "\\H", "\\i", "\\ir", "\\l",
"\\lo_import", "\\lo_export", "\\lo_list", "\\lo_unlink",
@@ -3320,6 +3320,8 @@ psql_completion(char *text, int start, int end)
else if (strncmp(prev_wd, "\\dv", strlen("\\dv")) == 0)
COMPLETE_WITH_SCHEMA_QUERY(Query_for_list_of_views, NULL);
+ else if (strncmp(prev_wd, "\\dx", strlen("\\dx")) == 0)
+ COMPLETE_WITH_QUERY(Query_for_list_of_extensions);
else if (strncmp(prev_wd, "\\dm", strlen("\\dm")) == 0)
COMPLETE_WITH_SCHEMA_QUERY(Query_for_list_of_matviews, NULL);

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