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base fork: szymonlipinski/postgres
head fork: szymonlipinski/postgres
Commits on Jun 28, 2013
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_upgrade: change -u to -U, for consistency
Change -u (user) option to -U, for consistency with other tools like
pg_dump and psql.  Also expand --user to --username, again for
@alvherre alvherre Send SIGKILL to children if they don't die quickly in immediate shutdown
On immediate shutdown, or during a restart-after-crash sequence,
postmaster used to send SIGQUIT (and then abandon ship if shutdown); but
this is not a good strategy if backends don't die because of that
signal.  (This might happen, for example, if a backend gets tangled
trying to malloc() due to gettext(), as in an example illustrated by
MauMau.)  This causes problems when later trying to restart the server,
because some processes are still attached to the shared memory segment.

Instead of just abandoning such backends to their fates, we now have
postmaster hang around for a little while longer, send a SIGKILL after
some reasonable waiting period, and then exit.  This makes immediate
shutdown more reliable.

There is disagreement on whether it's best for postmaster to exit after
sending SIGKILL, or to stick around until all children have reported
death.  If this controversy is resolved differently than what this patch
implements, it's an easy change to make.

Bug reported by MauMau in message 20DAEA8949EC4E2289C6E8E58560DEC0@maumau

MauMau and Álvaro Herrera
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_upgrade: trim down --help and doc option descriptions
Previous code had old/new prefixes on option values, e.g.
--old-datadir=OLDDATADIR.  Remove them, for simplicity;  now:
--old-datadir=DATADIR.  Also update docs to do the same.
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_upgrade: remove -h option
-h (help) is not needed;  pg_upgrade already supports --help and -?,
which is consistent with other tools.
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_upgrade: pass username to analyze script
If -U (user) is specified, pass the username into the created analyze
Per request from Ray Stell
@simonat2ndQuadrant simonat2ndQuadrant Assert that ALTER TABLE subcommands have pass set 2f74e4e
@simonat2ndQuadrant simonat2ndQuadrant ALTER TABLE ... ALTER CONSTRAINT for FKs
Allow constraint attributes to be altered,
so the default setting of NOT DEFERRABLE
can be altered to DEFERRABLE and back.

Review by Abhijit Menon-Sen
@simonat2ndQuadrant simonat2ndQuadrant Change errcode for lock_timeout to match NOWAIT

Zoltán Bsöszörményi
Commits on Jun 29, 2013
@hlinnaka hlinnaka Inline ginCompareItemPointers function for speed.
ginCompareItemPointers function is called heavily in gin index scans -
inlining it speeds up some kind of queries a lot.
Commits on Jun 30, 2013
@petere petere ecpg: Consistently use mm_strdup()
mm_strdup() is provided to check errors from strdup(), but some places
were failing to use it.
@petere petere Fix cpluspluscheck in checksum code
C++ is more picky about comparing signed and unsigned integers.
Commits on Jul 01, 2013
@hlinnaka hlinnaka Retry short writes when flushing WAL.
We don't normally bother retrying when the number of bytes written by
write() is short of what was requested. It is generally assumed that a
write() to disk doesn't return short, unless you run out of disk space.
While writing the WAL, however, it seems prudent to try a bit harder,
because a failure leads to PANIC. The write() is also much larger than most
write()s in the backend (up to wal_buffers), so there's more room for

Also retry on EINTR. All signals used in the backend are flagged SA_RESTART
nowadays, so it shouldn't happen, but better to be defensive.
@hlinnaka hlinnaka Optimize pglz compressor for small inputs.
The pglz compressor has a significant startup cost, because it has to
initialize to zeros the history-tracking hash table. On a 64-bit system, the
hash table was 64kB in size. While clearing memory is pretty fast, for very
short inputs the relative cost of that was quite large.

This patch alleviates that in two ways. First, instead of storing pointers
in the hash table, store 16-bit indexes into the hist_entries array. That
slashes the size of the hash table to 1/2 or 1/4 of the original, depending
on the pointer width. Secondly, adjust the size of the hash table based on
input size. For very small inputs, you don't need a large hash table to
avoid collisions.

Review by Amit Kapila.
@bmomjian bmomjian Remove undocumented -h (help) option
The -h option was not supported by many tools, and not documented, so
remove them for consistency from pg_upgrade, pg_test_fsync, and
@bmomjian bmomjian Update LSB URL in pg_ctl
Update Linux Standard Base Core Specification 3.1 URL mention in pg_ctl
@adunstan adunstan Improve support for building PGXS modules with VPATH.
A VPATH build will be performed when the module's make file path is not
the current directory or when USE_VPATH is set.

This will assist packagers and others who prefer to build without
polluting the source directories.

There is still a bit of work to do here, notably documentation, but it's
probably a good idea to commit what we have so far and let people test
it out on their modules.

Cédric Villemain, with an addition from me.
@bmomjian bmomjian Add timezone offset output option to to_char()
Add ability for to_char() to output the timezone's UTC offset (OF).  We
already have the ability to return the timezone abbeviation (TZ/tz).
Per request from Andrew Dunstan
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_upgrade: use "" rather than '', for Windows
If we ever support unix sockets on Windows, we should use "" rather than
'' for zero-length strings on the command-line, so use that.
Robert Haas Add a convenience routine makeFuncCall to reduce duplication.
David Fetter and Andrew Gierth, reviewed by Jeevan Chalke
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_dump docs: use escaped double-quotes, for Windows
On Unix, you can embed double-quotes in single-quotes, and via versa.
However, on Windows, you can only escape double-quotes in double-quotes,
so use that in the pg_dump -t/table example.
Backpatch to 9.3.
Report from Mike Toews
Commits on Jul 02, 2013
@petere petere Fix regression test make dependencies
The dependencies on the spi and dummy_seclabel contrib modules were
incomplete, because they did not pick up automatically generated
dependencies on header files.  This will manifest itself especially when
switching major versions, where the contrib modules would not be
recompiled to contain the new version number, leading to regression test

To fix this, use the submake approach already in use elsewhere, so that
the contrib modules are built using their full rules.
Robert Haas Use an MVCC snapshot, rather than SnapshotNow, for catalog scans.
SnapshotNow scans have the undesirable property that, in the face of
concurrent updates, the scan can fail to see either the old or the new
versions of the row.  In many cases, we work around this by requiring
DDL operations to hold AccessExclusiveLock on the object being
modified; in some cases, the existing locking is inadequate and random
failures occur as a result.  This commit doesn't change anything
related to locking, but will hopefully pave the way to allowing lock
strength reductions in the future.

The major issue has held us back from making this change in the past
is that taking an MVCC snapshot is significantly more expensive than
using a static special snapshot such as SnapshotNow.  However, testing
of various worst-case scenarios reveals that this problem is not
severe except under fairly extreme workloads.  To mitigate those
problems, we avoid retaking the MVCC snapshot for each new scan;
instead, we take a new snapshot only when invalidation messages have
been processed.  The catcache machinery already requires that
invalidation messages be sent before releasing the related heavyweight
lock; else other backends might rely on locally-cached data rather
than scanning the catalog at all.  Thus, making snapshot reuse
dependent on the same guarantees shouldn't break anything that wasn't
already subtly broken.

Patch by me.  Review by Michael Paquier and Andres Freund.
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_upgrade: revert changing '' to ""
On the command line, GUC option strings are handled by the guc parser,
not by the shell parser, so '' is the proper way to represent a
zero-length string.  This reverts commit
@hlinnaka hlinnaka Silence compiler warning in assertion-enabled builds.
With -Wtype-limits, gcc correctly points out that size_t can never be < 0.
Backpatch to 9.3 and 9.2. It's been like this forever, but in <= 9.1 you got
a lot other warnings with -Wtype-limits anyway (at least with my version of

Andres Freund
@alvherre alvherre Mention extra_float_digits in floating point docs
Make it easier for readers of the FP docs to find out about possibly
truncated values.

Per complaint from Tom Duffey in message

Author: Albe Laurenz
Reviewed by: Abhijit Menon-Sen
Robert Haas Add support for multiple kinds of external toast datums.
To that end, support tags rather than lengths for external datums.
As an example of how this can be used, add support or "indirect"
tuples which point to some externally allocated memory containing
a toast tuple.  Similar infrastructure could be used for other
purposes, including, perhaps, support for alternative compression

Andres Freund, reviewed by Hitoshi Harada and myself
Commits on Jul 03, 2013
@petere petere pg_restore: Error about incompatible options
This mirrors the equivalent error cases in pg_dump.
@petere petere doc: Arrange See Also links in more consistent order 5ecfa1f
@petere petere Add #include to make header file independent d864852
@petere petere doc: Remove link
The web site is dead, and the Wayback Machine shows that it didn't have
much useful content before.
@nmisch nmisch Expose object name error fields in PL/pgSQL.
Specifically, permit attaching them to the error in RAISE and retrieving
them from a caught error in GET STACKED DIAGNOSTICS.  RAISE enforces
nothing about the content of the fields; for its purposes, they are just
additional string fields.  Consequently, clarify in the protocol and
libpq documentation that the usual relationships between error fields,
like a schema name appearing wherever a table name appears, are not
universal.  This freedom has other applications; consider a FDW
propagating an error from an RDBMS having no schema support.

Back-patch to 9.3, where core support for the error fields was
introduced.  This prevents the confusion of having a release where libpq
exposes the fields and PL/pgSQL does not.

Pavel Stehule, lexical revisions by Noah Misch.
Robert Haas Additional regression tests for CREATE OPERATOR.
Robins Tharakan, reviewed by Szymon Guz
Robert Haas Regression tests for LISTEN/NOTIFY/UNLISTEN/pg_notify.
Robins Tharakan, reviewed by Szymon Guz
@alvherre alvherre Unbreak postmaster restart-after-crash sequence
In patch 82233ce, AbortStartTime wasn't being reset appropriately
after the restart sequence, causing subsequent iterations through
ServerLoop to malfunction.
Tom Lane Fix handling of auto-updatable views on inherited tables.
An INSERT into such a view should work just like an INSERT into its base
table, ie the insertion should go directly into that table ... not be
duplicated into each child table, as was happening before, per bug #8275
from Rushabh Lathia.  On the other hand, the current behavior for
UPDATE/DELETE seems reasonable: the update/delete traverses the child
tables, or not, depending on whether the view specifies ONLY or not.
Add some regression tests covering this area.

Dean Rasheed
Robert Haas Hopefully-portable regression tests for CREATE/ALTER/DROP COLLATION.
The collate.linux.utf8 test covers some of the same territory, but
isn't portable and so probably does not get run often, or on
non-Linux platforms.  If this approach turns out to be sufficiently
portable, we may want to look at trimming the redundant tests out
of that file to avoid duplication.

Robins Tharakan, reviewed by Michael Paquier and Fabien Coelho,
with further changes and cleanup by me.
Robert Haas Revert "Hopefully-portable regression tests for CREATE/ALTER/DROP COL…

This reverts commit 2636453.

The buildfarm is sad.
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_buffercache: document column meanings
Improve documentation for usagecount and relforknumber.
Backpatch to 9.3.
Suggestion from Satoshi Nagayasu
Fujii Masao Get rid of pg_class.reltoastidxid.
Treat TOAST index just the same as normal one and get the OID
of TOAST index from pg_index but not pg_class.reltoastidxid.
This change allows us to handle multiple TOAST indexes, and
which is required infrastructure for upcoming

Patch by Michael Paquier, reviewed by Andres Freund and me.
@adunstan adunstan Install all a Makefile's extension controls, not just the first.
Bug introduced by commit 6697aa2 and
reported by Robert Haas.
Commits on Jul 04, 2013
@petere petere doc: Add event trigger C API documentation
From: Dimitri Fontaine <>
@petere petere doc: Fix typo in event trigger documentation
From: Dimitri Fontaine <>
Robert Haas docs: Clarify flag dependencies for background workers.

Michael Paquier, with some tweaks by me.
Robert Haas Add new GUC, max_worker_processes, limiting number of bgworkers.
In 9.3, there's no particular limit on the number of bgworkers;
instead, we just count up the number that are actually registered,
and use that to set MaxBackends.  However, that approach causes
problems for Hot Standby, which needs both MaxBackends and the
size of the lock table to be the same on the standby as on the
master, yet it may not be desirable to run the same bgworkers in
both places.  9.3 handles that by failing to notice the problem,
which will probably work fine in nearly all cases anyway, but is
not theoretically sound.

A further problem with simply counting the number of registered
workers is that new workers can't be registered without a
postmaster restart.  This is inconvenient for administrators,
since bouncing the postmaster causes an interruption of service.
Moreover, there are a number of applications for background
processes where, by necessity, the background process must be
started on the fly (e.g. parallel query).  While this patch
doesn't actually make it possible to register new background
workers after startup time, it's a necessary prerequisite.

Patch by me.  Review by Michael Paquier.
@bmomjian bmomjian Add contrib function references in the doc index
Backpatch to 9.3.
Idea from Craig Ringer
@bmomjian bmomjian Add C comment about \copy bug in CSV mode
Comment: This code erroneously assumes '\.' on a line alone inside a
quoted CSV string terminates the \copy.
Fujii Masao Fix typo in comment.
Michael Paquier
Commits on Jul 05, 2013
@nmisch nmisch Use type "int64" for memory accounting in tuplesort.c/tuplestore.c.
Commit 263865a switched tuplesort.c and
tuplestore.c variables representing memory usage from type "long" to
type "Size".  This was unnecessary; I thought doing so avoided overflow
scenarios on 64-bit Windows, but guc.c already limited work_mem so as to
prevent the overflow.  It was also incomplete, not touching the logic
that assumed a signed data type.  Change the affected variables to
"int64".  This is perfect for 64-bit platforms, and it reduces the need
to contemplate platform-specific overflow scenarios.  It also puts us
close to being able to support work_mem over 2 GiB on 64-bit Windows.

Per report from Andres Freund.
Michael Meskes Apploed patch by MauMau <> to escape filenames in …
…#line statements.
@mhagander mhagander Expose the estimation of number of changed tuples since last analyze
This value, now pg_stat_all_tables.n_mod_since_analyze, was already
tracked and used by autovacuum, but not exposed to the user.

Mark Kirkwood, review by Laurenz Albe
@mhagander mhagander Fix spelling error
Reported by Kevin Hale Boyes
@mhagander mhagander Remove stray | character
Erikjan Rijkers
Jeff Davis Use posix_fallocate() for new WAL files, where available.
This function is more efficient than actually writing out zeroes to
the new file, per microbenchmarks by Jon Nelson. Also, it may reduce
the likelihood of WAL file fragmentation.

Jon Nelson, with review by Andres Freund, Greg Smith and me.
@nmisch nmisch Update messages, comments and documentation for materialized views.
All instances of the verbiage lagging the code.  Back-patch to 9.3,
where materialized views were introduced.
Commits on Jul 06, 2013
@petere petere PL/Python: Convert numeric to Decimal
The old implementation converted PostgreSQL numeric to Python float,
which was always considered a shortcoming.  Now numeric is converted to
the Python Decimal object.  Either the external cdecimal module or the
standard library decimal module are supported.

From: Szymon Guz <>
From: Ronan Dunklau <>
Reviewed-by: Steve Singer <>
Tom Lane Rename a function to avoid naming conflict in parallel regression tests.
Commit 31a8918 added some tests in
plpgsql.sql that used a function rather unthinkingly named "foo()".
However, rangefuncs.sql has some much older tests that create a function
of that name, and since these test scripts run in parallel, there is a
chance of failures if the timing is just right.  Use another name to
avoid that.  Per buildfarm (failure seen today on "hamerkop", but
probably it's happened before and not been noticed).