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Commits on Aug 05, 2013
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Simplify query_planner's API by having it return the top-level RelOpt…

Formerly, query_planner returned one or possibly two Paths for the topmost
join relation, so that grouping_planner didn't see the join RelOptInfo
(at least not directly; it didn't have any hesitation about examining
cheapest_path->parent, though).  However, correct selection of the Paths
involved a significant amount of coupling between query_planner and
grouping_planner, a problem which has gotten worse over time.  It seems
best to give up on this API choice and instead return the topmost
RelOptInfo explicitly.  Then grouping_planner can pull out the Paths it
wants from the rel's path list.  In this way we can remove all knowledge
of grouping behaviors from query_planner.

The only real benefit of the old way is that in the case of an empty
FROM clause, we never made any RelOptInfos at all, just a Path.  Now
we have to gin up a dummy RelOptInfo to represent the empty FROM clause.
That's not a very big deal though.

While at it, simplify query_planner's API a bit more by having the caller
set up root->tuple_fraction and root->limit_tuples, rather than passing
those values as separate parameters.  Since query_planner no longer does
anything with either value, requiring it to fill the PlannerInfo fields
seemed pretty arbitrary.

This patch just rearranges code; it doesn't (intentionally) change any
behaviors.  Followup patches will do more interesting things.
@bmomjian bmomjian pgtest: allow passing parameters, e.g. -s/--silent
Previously only -n was recognized.
Commits on Aug 07, 2013
Fujii Masao Fix assertion failure by an immediate shutdown.
In PM_WAIT_DEAD_END state, checkpointer process must be dead already.
But an immediate shutdown could make postmaster's state machine
transition to PM_WAIT_DEAD_END state even if checkpointer process is
still running,  and which caused assertion failure. This bug was introduced
in commit 457d6cf.

This patch ensures that postmaster's state machine doesn't transition to
PM_WAIT_DEAD_END state in an immediate shutdown while checkpointer
process is running.
Commits on Aug 08, 2013
@petere petere Message style improvements 9d775d8
Commits on Aug 09, 2013
@petere petere Message punctuation and pluralization fixes 072457b
Fujii Masao Document how auto_explain.log_timing can be changed. 0e65755
@bmomjian bmomjian Docs: Document to_*() Julian values are integers
Backpatch to 9.3.
Per request from Marc Dahn
Commits on Aug 10, 2013
@bmomjian bmomjian docs: mention Julian is midnight _UTC_
(Yes, there was no UTC back then, but we compute it that way.)
Backpatch to 9.3.
Commits on Aug 11, 2013
@petere petere PL/Python: Adjust the regression tests for Python 3.3
Similar to 2cfb1c6, the order in which
dictionary elements are printed is not reliable.  This reappeared in the
tests of the string representation of result objects.  Reduce the test
case to one result set column so that there is no question of order.
Commits on Aug 13, 2013
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_dump: avoid schema qualification for ALTER ... OWNER
We already use search_path to specify the schema, so there is no need
for pg_dump to schema-qualify the name.  Also remove dead code.
@bmomjian bmomjian 9.3 release notes: move foreign table item
Move item about foreign data wrappers supporting inserts/updates/deletes
to object manipulation.

From Etsuro Fujita
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Emit a log message if output is about to be redirected away from stderr.
We've seen multiple cases of people looking at the postmaster's original
stderr output to try to diagnose problems, not realizing/remembering that
their logging configuration is set up to send log messages somewhere else.
This seems particularly likely to happen in prepackaged distributions,
since many packagers patch the code to change the factory-standard logging
configuration to something more in line with their platform conventions.

In hopes of reducing confusion, emit a LOG message about this at the point
in startup where we are about to switch log output away from the original
stderr, providing a pointer to where to look instead.  This message will
appear as the last thing in the original stderr output.  (We might later
also try to emit such link messages when logging parameters are changed
on-the-fly; but that case seems to be both noticeably harder to do nicely,
and much less frequently a problem in practice.)

Per discussion, back-patch to 9.3 but not further.
Commits on Aug 14, 2013
@petere petere Update Emacs configuration
Update emacs.samples with new configuration snippets that match pgindent
et al. formatting more accurately and follow Emacs Lisp best practices

Add .dir-locals.el with a subset of that configuration for casual
editing and viewing.

Reviewed-by: Dimitri Fontaine <>
Reviewed-by: Noah Misch <>
@kgrittn kgrittn Remove Assert that matview is not in system schema from REFRESH.
We don't want to prevent an extension which creates a matview from
being installed in pg_catalog.

Issue was raised by Hitoshi Harada.
Backpatched to 9.3.
@bmomjian bmomjian docs: document TRIM "comma" syntax
This syntax is supported by the parser, but is non-standard.

_Not_ backpatched to 9.3 in case we change our minds.
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Remove ph_may_need from PlaceHolderInfo, with attendant simplifications.
The planner logic that attempted to make a preliminary estimate of the
ph_needed levels for PlaceHolderVars seems to be completely broken by
lateral references.  Fortunately, the potential join order optimization
that this code supported seems to be of relatively little value in
practice; so let's just get rid of it rather than trying to fix it.

Getting rid of this allows fairly substantial simplifications in
placeholder.c, too, so planning in such cases should be a bit faster.

Issue noted while pursuing bugs reported by Jeremy Evans and Antonin
Houska, though this doesn't in itself fix either of their reported cases.
What this does do is prevent an Assert crash in the kind of query
illustrated by the added regression test.  (I'm not sure that the plan for
that query is stable enough across platforms to be usable as a regression
test output ... but we'll soon find out from the buildfarm.)

Back-patch to 9.3.  The problem case can't arise without LATERAL, so
no need to touch older branches.
Commits on Aug 15, 2013
@petere petere Improve error message when view is not updatable
Avoid using the term "updatable" in confusing ways.  Suggest a trigger
first, before a rule.
@petere petere Treat timeline IDs as unsigned in replication parser
Timeline IDs are unsigned ints everywhere, except the replication parser
treated them as signed ints.
@mhagander mhagander Add tab completion for \dx in psql 62e28b3
@kgrittn kgrittn Don't allow ALTER MATERIALIZED VIEW ADD UNIQUE.
Was accidentally allowed, but not documented and lacked support
for rename or drop once created.

Per report from Noah Misch.
Commits on Aug 16, 2013
@hlinnaka hlinnaka Fix typo in comment. 05cbce6
@bmomjian bmomjian pg_upgrade: shut down server after auth failure
Register atexit() server shutdown if pg_ctl successfully started the
server, but we can't connect to it.

Backpatch to 9.3.

Pavel Raiskup
Robert Haas Move more bgworker code to bgworker.c; also, some renaming.
Per discussion on pgsql-hackers.

Michael Paquier, slightly modified by me.  Original suggestion
from Amit Kapila.
@bmomjian bmomjian release notes: Update to 9.3 git current
Backpatch to 9.3, of course.
@bmomjian bmomjian release notes: update 9.3 major feature list
Backpatch to 9.3.
Commits on Aug 18, 2013
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Fix planner problems with LATERAL references in PlaceHolderVars.
The planner largely failed to consider the possibility that a
PlaceHolderVar's expression might contain a lateral reference to a Var
coming from somewhere outside the PHV's syntactic scope.  We had a previous
report of a problem in this area, which I tried to fix in a quick-hack way
in commit 4da6439, but Antonin Houska
pointed out that there were still some problems, and investigation turned
up other issues.  This patch largely reverts that commit in favor of a more
thoroughly thought-through solution.  The new theory is that a PHV's
ph_eval_at level cannot be higher than its original syntactic level.  If it
contains lateral references, those don't change the ph_eval_at level, but
rather they create a lateral-reference requirement for the ph_eval_at join
relation.  The code in joinpath.c needs to handle that.

Another issue is that createplan.c wasn't handling nested PlaceHolderVars

In passing, push knowledge of lateral-reference checks for join clauses
into join_clause_is_movable_to.  This is mainly so that FDWs don't need
to deal with it.

This patch doesn't fix the original join-qual-placement problem reported by
Jeremy Evans (and indeed, one of the new regression test cases shows the
wrong answer because of that).  But the PlaceHolderVar problems need to be
fixed before that issue can be addressed, so committing this separately
seems reasonable.
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Fix thinko in comment. f1d5fce
@petere petere libpq: Report strerror on pthread_mutex_lock() failure fe885c6
@kgrittn kgrittn Remove relcache entry invalidation in REFRESH MATERIALIZED VIEW.
This was added as part of the attempt to support unlogged matviews
along with a populated status.  It got missed when unlogged
support was removed pre-commit.

Noticed by Noah Misch.  Back-patched to 9.3 branch.
Commits on Aug 19, 2013
@petere petere Translation updates a2f2e90
@bmomjian bmomjian release notes: remove username from 9.3 major item
Etsuro Fujita
@alvherre alvherre Fix pg_upgrade failure from servers older than 9.3
When upgrading from servers of versions 9.2 and older, and MultiXactIds
have been used in the old server beyond the first page (that is, 2048
multis or more in the default 8kB-page build), pg_upgrade would set the
next multixact offset to use beyond what has been allocated in the new
cluster.  This would cause a failure the first time the new cluster
needs to use this value, because the pg_multixact/offsets/ file wouldn't
exist or wouldn't be large enough.  To fix, ensure that the transient
server instances launched by pg_upgrade extend the file as necessary.

Per report from Jesse Denardo in
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Fix qual-clause-misplacement issues with pulled-up LATERAL subqueries.
In an example such as
  i LEFT JOIN LATERAL (SELECT * FROM j WHERE i.n = j.n) j ON true;
it is safe to pull up the LATERAL subquery into its parent, but we must
then treat the "i.n = j.n" clause as a qual clause of the LEFT JOIN.  The
previous coding in deconstruct_recurse mistakenly labeled the clause as
"is_pushed_down", resulting in wrong semantics if the clause were applied
at the join node, as per an example submitted awhile ago by Jeremy Evans.
To fix, postpone processing of such clauses until we return back up to
the appropriate recursion depth in deconstruct_recurse.

In addition, tighten the is-safe-to-pull-up checks in is_simple_subquery;
we previously missed the possibility that the LATERAL subquery might itself
contain an outer join that makes lateral references in lower quals unsafe.

A regression test case equivalent to Jeremy's example was already in my
commit of yesterday, but was giving the wrong results because of this
bug.  This patch fixes the expected output for that, and also adds a
test case for the second problem.
@hlinnaka hlinnaka Rename the "fast_promote" file to just "promote".
This keeps the usual trigger file name unchanged from 9.2, avoiding nasty
issues if you use a pre-9.3 pg_ctl binary with a 9.3 server or vice versa.
The fallback behavior of creating a full checkpoint before starting up is now
triggered by a file called "fallback_promote". That can be useful for
debugging purposes, but we don't expect any users to have to resort to that
and we might want to remove that in the future, which is why the fallback
mechanism is undocumented.
@alvherre alvherre Fix removal of files in pgstats directories
Instead of deleting all files in stats_temp_directory and the permanent
directory on a crash, only remove those files that match the pattern of
files we actually write in them, to avoid possibly clobbering existing
unrelated contents of the temporary directory.  Per complaint from Jeff
Janes, and subsequent discussion, starting at message

Also, fix a bug in the same routine to avoid removing files from the
permanent directory twice (instead of once from that directory and then
from the temporary directory), also per report from Jeff Janes, in
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Be more wary of unwanted whitespace in pgstat_reset_remove_files().
sscanf isn't the easiest thing to use for exact pattern checks ...
also, don't use strncmp where strcmp will do.
Commits on Aug 20, 2013
@bmomjian bmomjian release notes: update link to 9.3 PL/pgSQL constraint error info
Backpatch to 9.3.

Pavel Stehule
@adunstan adunstan Unconditionally use the WSA equivalents of Socket error constants.
This change will only apply to mingw compilers, and has been found
necessary by late versions of the mingw-w64 compiler. It's the same as
what is done elsewhere for the Microsoft compilers.

If this doesn't upset older compilers in the buildfarm, it will be
backpatched to 9.1.

Problem reported by Michael Cronenworth, although not his patch.
Commits on Aug 21, 2013
@bmomjian bmomjian docs: Remove second 'trim' index reference
Per suggestion from Vik Fearing
@tglsfdc tglsfdc Fix hash table size estimation error in choose_hashed_distinct().
We should account for the per-group hashtable entry overhead when
considering whether to use a hash aggregate to implement DISTINCT.  The
comparable logic in choose_hashed_grouping() gets this right, but I think
I omitted it here in the mistaken belief that there would be no overhead
if there were no aggregate functions to be evaluated.  This can result in
more than 2X underestimate of the hash table size, if the tuples being
aggregated aren't very wide.  Per report from Tomas Vondra.

This bug is of long standing, but per discussion we'll only back-patch into
9.3.  Changing the estimation behavior in stable branches seems to carry too
much risk of destabilizing plan choices for already-tuned applications.