EEPROM reader/writer for ZEROPLUS LAP-C logic analyzer (forked from 'zerominus')
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EEPROM reader/writer for ZEROPLUS LAP-C logic analyzer

What's zeroprog?

ZEROPLUS LAP-C logic analyzer has EEPROM that is stored USB device information.

zeroprog can read/write/backup/restore the EEPROM.

zeroprog is a part of "zerominus" project ( This version is forked from that project.

This forked version has additional features:

  • Change word-endian of backup file for human readable
  • Implement 'restore' command

How to build

zeroprog requires libusb-1.0.

Install requirements on Ubuntu 14.04:

$ sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev

Checkout and build zeroprog

$ git clone
$ cd zeroprog
$ make

How to use

Connect ZEROPLUS LAP-C logic analyzer to your host PC.

zeroprog with --help option shows all options:

$ sudo ./zeroprog --help
./zeroprog 1.0
Usage: ./zeroprog <command> <argument>
where <command> is one of the following:
  -v, --vendor	change the vendor ID to the default 0x0c12
  -p, --product <PID>	change the product ID
	0x700b LAP-C(32128)
	0x700c LAP-C(321000)
	0x700d LAP-C(322000)
	0x700a LAP-C(16128)
	0x7009 LAP-C(16064)
	0x700e LAP-C(16032)
	0x7016 LAP-C(162000)
  -m, --manufacturer <string>	change the manufacturer string
  -o, --model <string>	change the model name string
  -s, --serial <string>	change the serial string
  -b, --backup <filename>	dump the entire EEPROM to file
  -r, --restore <filename>	restore the entire EEPROM from a file
If no command is given, the current contents of the EEPROM will be displayed.

Read EEPROM and decode contents

$ sudo ./zeroprog


$ sudo ./zeroprog -b backupfile.bin

Restore EEPROM

$ sudo ./zeroprog -r backupfile.bin

Change product ID to LAP-C16128

$ sudo ./zeroprog -p 0x700a

Change model strings to LAP-C16128

$ sudo ./zeroprog -o 'ZEROPLUS Logic Analyzer(LAP-C16128)'


"zerominus" which is original project is licensed under 3-clause BSD license.

Consequently, zeroprog is also licensed under 3-clause BSD license.