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Collection of repositories for the time-predictable multicore platform T-CREST

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  1. patmos Public

    Patmos is a time-predictable VLIW processor, and the processor for the T-CREST project

    VHDL 123 71

  2. A collection of benchmarks and tests for the Patmos processor and compiler

    C 16 14

  3. Port of the LLVM compiler infrastructure to the time-predictable processor Patmos

    C++ 14 7

  4. s4noc Public

    A Statically-scheduled TDM Network-on-Chip for Real-Time Systems

    VHDL 13 4

  5. reconfig Public

    Hardware and script files related to dynamic partial reconfiguration

    Verilog 9 5

  6. argo Public

    Argo is a time-division multiplexing network-on-chip.

    Verilog 8 8


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