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Best Practice for Caching of Single-Path Code

This folder contains information and scripts to run the evaluation experiments for the paper "Best Practice for Caching of Single-Path Code", Martin Schoeberl, Bekim Cilku, Daniel Prokesch, and Peter Puschner, accepted for WCET 2017.

Prerequisites: T-CREST

We use the open-source platform T-CREST for our experiments. Therefore, you need all T-CREST tools installed. A brief installation instruction can be found at the Patmos repository.

We also provide a VM with Ubuntu where all needed packages are installed. However, that VM is used in teaching and does not contain the latest version of T-CREST. Therefore, you need to reinstall T-CREST there with:

rm -rf t-crest
mkdir ~/t-crest
cd ~/t-crest
git clone https://github.com/t-crest/patmos-misc.git misc

The Benchmarks

The benchmarks are executed in folder:


A simple make will download the TACLe Benchmarks and compile and run most of them. This will take several hours. Therefore, for first experiments restrict the number of benchmarks by setting ALLAPPS in the Makefile to just a few programs.

The result of the benchmarks are several .txt files containing the execution time in clock cycles. The naming convention of the text files is: <app>_<cache>_<code> where <app> is the benchmark name, <cache> is the cache type (ic normal instruction cache, mc method cache, pc instruction cache with prefetching, and lc a 2-way set associative instruction cache with LRU replacement), and <code> the compilation type (np normal compilation, sp single-path code generation).

Makefile Targets

make will build and run everything.

make eval will compute some results and produce tables in PDF form.

make clean removes all generated files and folders.

Repository Tags

You can explore the benchmarks on the head of the repositories. For reproducibility we provide the tags of the involved repositories:

tacle-bench: fcabf4630cb239f34f37a03ce7d93c563b65c897

patmos: a173b6de37195f7a1096cc8c9a10936ad5f1ca75

llvm: 01543c10ddabcfa635572f3ddfaa01f180dd8a89

compiler-rt: 187888708bd8532789b9a4e24935cf31c70c9024

gold: cdde53177a57f6a7eccb0305089cbbf32c055509

misc: 34d70cd2b929664b060c2238d5e7ad9599996958

Request for Help

If you encounter any build or reproduction issues you have three options to notify us (seek for help): (1) open an issue on GitHub, (2) ask on the Patmos mailing list, or (3) send an email to martin@jopdesign.com.