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A homebrew port of Transmission 2.94 for Nintendo Switch with a very basic console UI. Torrents can be added/managed by a web browser remotely, or with something like Transdroid.



Extract the release zip to the /switch folder on your sdcard. Skip the settings.json if you don't want to revert to the release defaults.

exFAT support

This was tested only with the FAT32 file-system. Using exFAT could lead to DATA CORRUPTION, especially if nxTransmission crashes.

FAT32 limit

FAT32 has a file size limit of 4GB, files bigger than this limit are split automatically to a folder matching the original file name, and the file concatenation attribute is applied to the folder when the torrent fully completes. The file-system is detected based on the firmware version, and splitting is on by default if exFAT is not supported. The split setting can be forced from settings.json by adding entry

    "nx-split-files": true[or false]


  • Torrents are downloaded by default to the /Downloads folder on the sdcard.
  • You can customize the settings by editing /switch/nxTransmission/settings.json, or in the browser with the web client. Be warned this can lead to speed and/or stability issues.

Known issues

  • enabling DHT could lead to crashes on exit.
  • Sleep mode and network changes lead to broken pipe errors.


The following pacman packages are required:

  • switch-curl
  • switch-mbedtls
  • switch-miniupnpc
  • switch-zlib


mkdir build
cd build
cmake .. -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=../cmake.switch/devkita64-libnx.cmake


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL versions 2 or 3 - see the COPYING file for details.


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