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Default "Contact Us" page has labels which reference field IDs.

Previously, the labels referenced the field names.
This was causing validation errors, and clicking on the label did not
cause the browser to focus on the form element.
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1 parent 95eb503 commit 83b686a1dd2ce08fc59049bb9b6839bad9157487 @canton7 canton7 committed Mar 5, 2012
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  1. +5 −5 system/cms/modules/pages/details.php
@@ -168,11 +168,11 @@ public function install()
('2', 'default', '2', '<p>We cannot find the page you are looking for, please click <a title=\"Home\" href=\"{{ pages:url id=\'1\' }}\">here</a> to go to the homepage.</p>', '', 'wysiwyg-advanced', '0'),
('3', 'default', '3', '<p>To contact us please fill out the form below.</p>
{{ contact:form name=\"text|required\" email=\"text|required|valid_email\" subject=\"dropdown|Support|Sales|Feedback|Other\" message=\"textarea\" attachment=\"file|zip\" }}
- <div><label for=\"name\">Name:</label>{{ name }}</div>
- <div><label for=\"email\">Email:</label>{{ email }}</div>
- <div><label for=\"subject\">Subject:</label>{{ subject }}</div>
- <div><label for=\"message\">Message:</label>{{ message }}</div>
- <div><label for=\"attachment\">Attach a zip file:</label>{{ attachment }}</div>
+ <div><label for=\"contact_name\">Name:</label>{{ name }}</div>
+ <div><label for=\"contact_email\">Email:</label>{{ email }}</div>
+ <div><label for=\"contact_subject\">Subject:</label>{{ subject }}</div>
+ <div><label for=\"contact_message\">Message:</label>{{ message }}</div>
+ <div><label for=\"contact_attachment\">Attach a zip file:</label>{{ attachment }}</div>
{{ /contact:form }}', '', 'wysiwyg-advanced', '0');

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