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Collection of what I've done during 100daysofcode
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Collection of what I've done during 100daysofcode

Goal is to build 2-3 CRUD projects for my portfolio with Java and get a developer job.

  • Project 01: create a Japanese hiragana learning game (like flashcards) using unicode
  • Project 1: supposedly some songs database with all the possible operations on them.
  • Project 2: Android app
  • Project 3: ???

Topics to review, that I cannot say I fully understand: interfaces; upcasting, downcasting (, polymorphism

8th till 15th July was a crazy busy time, I was finishing 4 essays for the university and getting ready for exams. The next week was a trip to England.

Totally busy with graduate school :D

Day 61 (10/06/2019):

Abstract Classes

Day 60 (09/06/2019):

Handling exceptions, multiple exceptions, Runtime vs. Checked Exceptions

Day 59 (08/06/2019):

Reading files using Scanner

Day 58 (07/06/2019):

Generics, Wildcards, Anonymous Classes

Day 57 (05/06/2019):

  • Upcasting, Downcasting. This took some time and I'm not sure whether I fully understand it even now.
  • Having some fun with creating new branch on GitHub I will be super busy with graduate school essays till 15th, but I will try to keep doing the daily updates.

Day 56 (04/06/2019):

  • I've switched to using the videos from the caveofprogramming website instead of the YouTube ones. There is more content there.
  • Cave of programming videos 24 - 28 + 2 more: packages, public/protected/private, polymorphism, ecapsulation, API Docs, castin numerical values, Java job market, overall about how Java works
  • Udemy Java course videos 18 - 20 (based on Java 11)

Day 55 (03/06/2019):

  • another few videos from Udemy Java course
  • Cave of Programming videos 21 to 23 (toString(), Object class, inheritance, method override, protected keyword, interfaces)

Day 54 (02/06/2019):

Cave of Programming videos 15 to 20 (getters, setters, constructors, static and final, StringBuilder, String formatting)

Day 53 (01/06/2019):

Cave of Programming videos 13 to 14

Day 52 (31/05/2019):

Cave of Programming videos 10 to 12

Day 51 (30/05/2019):

  • I wrote a new blog post "Change of mind and progress"
  • Cave of Programming videos 6 to 9

Day 50 (29/05/2019):

Cave of Programming Java tutorials continued! Will be for some time

Day 49 (28/05/2019):

going through the Java tutorials on Cave of Programming

I have been abroad on holidays from 23rd till 27th.

Day 48 (20/05/2019):

after last few days of playing with React (and all the other days working with JavaScript), doing research and talking with people who currently work in positions related to development I came to the conclusion that I prefer to become a backend developer instead

  • I installed JDK on Ubuntu and IntelliJ IDE, configured it all in the evening.

Day 47 (19/05/2019):

  • states in React
  • refactoring the React app code

Day 46 (14/05/2019):

  • back to React, setting it up again, some basics
  • creating components
  • learning about package.json and React project file structure
  • building React app using simple API

Day 45 (26/04/2019):

  • creating form on a new wordpress page at work, getting it all to work
  • more google analytics research

Day 44 (23/04/2019):

  • went through backend basics
  • playing with Google Analytics at work. Both website performance information and all the useful statistics about the website usage! I will try to set it up on my blog too.

Day 43 (16/04/2019):

continued working with React

Day 42 (11/04/2019):

creating the first React app

Day 41 (10/04/2019):

installing and using packages introduction to React

Day 40 (09/04/2019):

  • spend some time at work editing a form on the company website
  • more on git, github, terminal
  • open source projects, first two pull requests
  • npm, installed node on Ubuntu

Day 39 (08/04/2019):

  • for in (enumeration on objects), for of (iteration on arrays, strings)
  • debugging JavaScript code
  • modules, webpacks

Day 38 (07/04/2019): All with some exercises

  • classes, this, reference vs value
  • shallow cloning: Object.assign() and = {...obj} - creating new objects with the same value, but not reference
  • cloning with JSON
  • type coercion
  • ES7, includes, power
  • ES8, padStart/padEnd, Object.values, Object.entries

Day 37 (05/04/2019):

  • ES5 and ES6
  • arrow functions, let, currying, closures, compose, functional purity (functions not affecting things outside of it's scope)
  • more on arrays: map, filter, reduce

Day 36 (03/04/2019):

  • scopes
  • control flows

Day 35 (02/04/2019):

  • done more lectures on DOM on Udemy
  • learned about the role and shortcomings of jQuery and why it's not used that much today

Day 34 (27/03/2019):

done a dozen of lectures and an exercises on DOM on Udemy

sick for a few days, then a long break

Day 33 (13/03/2019):

  • watched Design for Non-Designers. Great lecture! Definitely I will refer back to my notes and the lecture itself for some basic, practical design principles! I will be sure to learn something about the UX later on.
  • continued with JavaScript video and exercises on Udemy :)

Day 32 (12/03/2019):

  • redone from scratch yesterday's Grid website
  • continued with JavaScript video and exercises

Day 31 (11/03/2019):

  • Two lectures at University and a work-related meeting after work, not much time left
  • I followed the solution for the Grid website I've tried making yesterday. I forgot about semantics, made too many divs, made it harder than it looks. I will redo it tomorrow from scratch myself. I will redo it until I can get it right :)
  • moving forward to some more JavaScript
  • watched a bunch of videos about web development career

Day 30 (10/03/2019):

  • watched a few videos from The Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web, stopped since I couldn't understand the content anymore due to lack of experience with JavaScript so far
  • went through another tens of videos of udemy course, spend a few hours with bootstrap (I still am totally bad at it) and then building a layout of a website with Grid and Flexbox. Lots of fun!
  • had a conflict between my local and github file, did a merge and push.

Day 29 (09/03/2019):

  • went through 1/4 of The Good Parts of JavaScript and the Web by Douglas Crockford
  • went through first 50 lessons of The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery, mostly skipped through what I already know, looking to add some more knowledge and do some practice exercises

Day 28 (07/03/2019):

Day 27 (06/03/2019):

Day 26 (05/03/2019):

  • went through DOM section at w3schools
  • read about ES6, ES7, ES8 and ES9 features on (changes in JS over the last 4 years)
  • went through git tutorial video here
  • I pushed this using git in the terminal
  • made a github page from todolist project
  • timeline from yesterday: I tweaked it a bit, turns out to be my own project that I can add more functionality to over time. I added possibility to strike-through list items on click. I will want later to be able to save the state.

Day 25 (04/03/2019):

Day 24 (03/03/2019):

Day 23 (02/03/2019):

Day 22 (27/02/2019):

  • finished my practice with Grid and Flexbox for now, creating random things
  • went through half of w3schools part about HTML DOM
  • taking notes on what is important. I know I will be grateful myself later on for that

Day 21 (26/02/2019):

  • redone Flexbox exercises at, while taking notes in Feynman style for both flexbox and grid.
  • I've been having fun with Grid and Flexbox in Visual Studio Code, building different kind of designs

Day 20 (22/02/2019):

just finished cssgridgarden exercises and made effort to understand all the concepts. The next time I will do my own design with grid. A break tomorrow.

Day 19 (21/02/2019):

Day 18 (20/02/2019):

Day 17 (19/02/2019):

halfway through practical JavaScript, building a todolist app

Day 16 (18/02/2019):

doing practical JavaScript on, much better to get going into action than doing exercises freeCodeCamp

Day 15 (17/02/2019):

  • finished the HTML and CSS Tutorials by mmtuts
  • (finally finished 1st semestr of graduate school)

Day 14 (16/02/2019):

  • finished whole computer networking playlist from thenewboston
  • finished a dozen of videos from HTML and CSS Tutorials by mmtuts

Day 13 (14/02/2019):

  • I finally understood the difference between statically and dynamically typed languages. Talked with a colleague (a developer) at work about it too.
  • still busy with stuff for graduate school. Till weekend.

08/02 - 14/02/2019:

Pretty much no work done on web development. I got busy with writting two reports for graduate school outside of my work hours.

Day 12 (07/02/2019):

  • finished Harvard CS50 2017 Lectures. Really enjoyable and valuable resource! Lecture 11, 12 - JavaScript, anonynomous functions, AJAX, APIs: "why, how, what".
  • half of Thenewboston: computer networking playlist.

Day 11 (06/02/2019):

  • Harvard CS50 2017 lectures 9 and 10:
  • web development in Flask continued
  • SQL, phpLiteAdmin. Lecture covers in less than 2 hours everything that took tens of hours at university classes. Loved it
  • the Harvard lecture.

Day 10 (05/02/2019):

  • watched lectures 7, 8 and half of 9 from Harvard CS550 2017:
  • dynamic programming is a whole new world. Smart ways to deal with complicated problems
  • comparing Python and C programs
  • intro to web dev by a Harvard professor.
  • read about what can be done with JavaScript. Much more than just websites ;)

Day 9 (04/02/2019):

  • watched lecture 5 and 6 from Harvard CS550 2017. Fantastic resource with a good pace! Learned about how does the web work and about data structures.
  • I watched lectures 1-4 already in 2018 and did Scratch, C assignments in them up to encryption. I'm just focusing on lectures, skipping tasks.

Day 8 (03/02/2019):

Day 7:

another 3 videos from Crash Course Computer Science

Day 6:

Day 5:

  • completed basic JavaScript on freeCodeCamp.
  • learned about some concepts in ES6, including arrow functions, var vs let and more.

Day 4:

JSON, manipulating data in JavaScript. About 3 hours.

Day 3:

I might have broken some rules. I did no coding. Busy studying for the exams that take place on the weekend.

Day 2:

  • some more OOP with JavaScript on freeCodeCamp.
  • nested arrays and complex objects in JavaScript

Day 1 (30/01/2019):

more progress on JavaScript through freeCodeCamp

Day 0 (after comitting to learning web dev, but before joining 100daysofcode):

  • I've finished the Responsive Web Design Certification part on freeCodeCamp excluding 3 projects at the end so far. I will do them too of course :)
  • created a blog (
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