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Material without thickness entries can exist (and cause strange behaviour) #123

pbrier opened this Issue · 6 comments

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if a new material is made, it does not have a "thickness" entry and this causes strange behaviour.

A material should always have a single entry (thickness "0"). It should not be able to delete it.


Maybe I'm missing an angle, but why not require at least 1 thickness when you add / edit a material (adding a validation on the material form)? A error dialog could be shown when you try to save a material, something like "A material should have at least one thickness".
This doesn't solve the problem for existing materials with no thickness, for that you could add the error mgmax suggests and refuse to start the job.

I'm against adding a random thickness. I added another issue on adding a thickness: issue #134.


@peteruithoven you're completely right. We should just force adding a thickness. Because the materials without a thickness are only left over from using development versions, we can save a lot of effort and just add a "0" thickness silently.


I'm working on it.
@peteruithoven I need a NL translation for: You have not added a thickness yet. Please add at least one material thickness by clicking the "+" button.

@mgmax mgmax referenced this issue from a commit in mgmax/VisiCut
@mgmax mgmax Add "0.0mm" for materials without thickness. Prevents #123 70a1795
@t-oster t-oster closed this in 4559a1a
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