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mighty-csv is a csv utility for scala. Currently, it acts as a scala wrapper around the OpenCSV project (

Benefits of using mighty-csv (as opposed to just OpenCSV):

  • Reader implments Iterator. This means that we can call foreach, map, fold, etc...
  • Implements a reader and writer class for csv files with headers.
  • Allows for automatic binding of rows to classes.


Tell sbt about a dependency on mighty-csv by adding a library dependency to your build.sbt file (or a Scala build file). If you are using Scala 2.9, add the following:

libraryDependencies += "com.bizo" % "mighty-csv_2.9.1" % "0.2"

If you are using Scala 2.10, add the following:

libraryDependencies += "com.bizo" % "mighty-csv_2.10" % "0.2"

Reading CSV Files

Reading csv files without headers (rows are Array[String])

import com.bizo.mighty.csv.CSVReader

// reading from filepath
val rows: Iterator[Array[String]] = CSVReader("filename.csv")

// reading from InputStream
val inStream = {... get input stream ...}
val rows: Iterator[Array[String]] = CSVReader(inStream)

Reading csv files with headers (rows are Map[String, String])

import com.bizo.mighty.csv.CSVDictReader

val rows: Iterator[Map[String,String]] = CSVDictReader("filename.csv")

Configuring reader settings (e.g., different delimeters, etc.)

import com.bizo.mighty.csv.{CSVReaderSettings, CSVReader, CSVDictReader}

// change the default Reader Settings by modifying the separator to be ':'
val settings = CSVReaderSettings.Standard.copy(separator = ':')

val rows: Iterator[Array[String]] = CSVReader("filename.csv")(settings)

val rowsWithHeaders: Iterator[Map[String,String]] = CSVDictReader("filename.csv")(settings)

Writing CSV Files

Writing csv rows without headers:

The CSVWriter.write method can take in either a Seq[String] or Array[String] import com.bizo.mighty.csv.CSVWriter

val output: CSVWriter = CSVWriter("output.csv")

output.write(Seq("row1,1", "row1,2")
output.write(Array("row2,1", "row2,2")

 * writes the following to output.csv:
 * "row1,1","row1,2"
 * "row2,1","row2,2"

Writing csv rows with headers:

import com.bizo.mighty.csv.CSVDictWriter

val output: CSVDictWriter = CSVDictWriter("output.csv", Seq("col1", "col2"))

// writes header

// writes rows
output.write(Map("col1"->"row1,1", "col2"->"row1,2"))
output.write(Map("col1"->"row2,1", "col2"->"row2,2"))

 * writes the following to output.csv:
 * "col1","col2"
 * "row1,1","row1,2"
 * "row2,1","row2,2"

Configuring writer settings

import com.bizo.mighty.csv.{CSVWriterSettings, CSVWriter, CSVDictWriter}

// change the default writer Settings by modifying the separator to be ':'
val settings = CSVReaderSettings.Standard.copy(separator = ':')

val writer = CSVWriter("filename.csv")(settings)

val dictWriter = CSVWriterReader("filename.csv")(settings)     
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