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I want to bring my computer to the brink of death using an overdose of chemo, only to have it maybe survive and be a normal computer

Chemo rids your Windows 10 machine of the pre-installed junk you don't want. We can't guarantee that it will stay gone forever, but you may always come back for another round of treatment, if you desire.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

Chemo can and will eat your lunch. Before using this tool, please make a snapshot, system restore point, or other backup of some kind.


The latest development build can be downloaded directly from AppVeyor.

System Requirements

  • Windows 10

Note: This program is designed strictly for Windows 10. Use on other versions of Microsoft Windows is not supported.

Available Treatments


While using Chemo, hover over any treatment in the tree to display a brief description of what the treatment does.


Treatments related to store apps or other apps.

Remove Windows Store Apps

This treatment removes most pre-installed Windows Store apps. For the complete list of removals, please see:

Deprovision Windows Store Packages

Deprovisions all packages. This prevents Windows Store applications from re-appearing when a new user is created, or when a feature update is applied.

Remove OneDrive

Completely removes OneDrive and ALL ONEDRIVE DATA.

Disable Cortana

Prevents Cortana from appearing in the taskbar. A sign out is required to complete this operation.


Opinionated configuration changes.

Disable Force-Reboot After Windows Update

Prevents Windows from automatically rebooting after applying Windows Updates

Require Ctrl+Alt+Del At Sign In

Requires the user to press Ctrl+Alt+Del at the sign-in screen for security reasons.

Disable Internet Search Results in Start Menu

Prevents internet junk from appearing when searching apps, files, etc. in the start menu.

Set System Clock to UTC

Sets the system's hardware clock to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). The Windows default is localtime.


Windows Feature toggles.

Disable Internet Explorer

Turns off the Windows feature, "Internet Explorer 11". A system reboot is required to complete this operation.


Re-gain control of your privacy. (TBD)


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


MIT License.