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Integrated Interface for libraries of eigenvalue decomposition
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3rd-party Installer script for Rokko Jul 14, 2015
benchmark rename filenames Jul 29, 2015
config fix FindAnasazi.cmake over 11.14.2 Jul 21, 2015
example add example/cxx/utility Jul 29, 2015
misc updat cmake-config to accept default and new sections Apr 6, 2015
rokko to prepare release 0.3 Jul 30, 2015
test introduce routine, params to serial_dense_solver Jun 27, 2015
tutorial Imporoved rokko search strategy Jul 14, 2015
.gitignore Implemented overloading of PBLAS functions May 23, 2015
CMakeLists.txt always use enable_language(Fortran) becuase LAPACKE interface of Rokk… Jul 21, 2015
LICENSE_1_0.txt added license file. May 2, 2013 revise Jul 29, 2015


Integrated Interface for libraries of eigenvalue decomposition

Version History

  • version 0.3 (2015/07/30)

  • version 0.2 (2014/09/18)

  • version 0.1 (2014/03/11)

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