Trivial Lisp-2 Interpreter (and my first Lisp!)
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Nuts Lisp - Trivial Lisp-2 Interpreter

He doesn't bury nuts he hasn't picked up.

--- Enjoe TOH, The Squirrel Awakes

This tiny, very tiny project is stopped. Because:

  • it is my first Lisp
  • but is set the too large goals
    • The goal is I want that Nuts Lisp glows up a subset of Common Lisp ;P

Nuts Lisp has these feature:

  • Nuts Lisp is Lisp-2; Nuts Lisp has different namespaces for variables and for functions
  • Nuts Lisp has pakagaes
  • Nuts Lisp has fulll freatured streams
  • Nuts Lisp can evaluate recursive functions! (wow!)

I think I did a good job about the first trial of implementing Lisp.


$ git clone
$ cd nutslisp/
$ nimble build
$ ./nutslisp

Invoking nutslisp from JavaScript

First, you must compile nutslisp into JavaScript code.

$ nimble js -o:nutslisp.js src/nutslisp.nim

And call readFromString("(quote blah blah")) from HTML file.


This program nutslisp is licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3. See COPYING for details.