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FMI in the Cloud

This repository contains the materials and instructions for the tutorial FMI in the Cloud at the 14th International Modelica Conference 2021.


  • a Google account to run the Python Notebook on Google Colab
  • a clone or local copy of this repository
  • a GitHub account to fork this repository
  • a Conda environment with FMPy to run the Jupyter Notebook locally and to run the Web App
  • a Python IDE or text editor to write the Web App

To create the Conda environment

  • install Miniconda (if you don't already have Conda installed)

  • create a new Conda environment

conda create -n fmi-tutorial -c conda-forge python=3.9 fmpy notebook ipywidgets
  • activate the environment
conda activate fmi-tutorial

Part 1: Create a Jupyter Notebook

Option 1: run the Jupyter Notebook on the cloud

Option 2: run the Jupyter Notebook locally

  • change into the directory where you downloaded or cloned this repository and run
jupyter notebook Heater.ipynb

Part 2: Create a Web App

Resources and inspirations:


  • change the default simulation time to 50 s
  • change the result variables
  • add an additional parameter
  • add the description from the modelDescription.xml below the image
  • create a custom input signal
  • deploy the web app

Part 3: Hackathon and Q&A

Build your own Jupyter Notebooks and Web Apps and ask any questions about FMPy.

  • explore the test FMUs in the FMI Cross-Check
  • fork this repository and share your results!


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