Toaster Stationary box for the masses
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Toaster Stationary box for the masses.

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Platform IO

This project is build and run with PlatformIO. The library dependencies can be found in the platformio.ini file. Below is the current configuration targetting the Arduino Uno board. This can be changed to any variable of the Atmel AVR range.

platform = atmelavr
board = nanoatmega328
framework = arduino

Audio Encoding

The audio clip within the /audio directory is used in main.h. This byte stream cannot exceed the Program Memory size of the microcontroller you have chosen to use.

The tutorial on setting up the audio clip for encoding can be founds here: It's important to note that you need a WAV/MP3 with a sample rate of 8Khz and a bit rate of 16Khz.

There's a copy of the EncodeAudio.exe binary in the /audio directory also incase the site mirror goes down.