A supporting application for ZTE Blade's Android handset, to selectively enable/disable USB Charging
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***** README *****

USB Charge Commander is an application designed for the ZTE Blade/Orange's San Francisco handset.

It takes care of disabling the charging of the battery, and re-enabling it.

Handy if you just want to plug in the handset and copy a file instead of messing up the battery by plugging it in and to unplug it a minute later.

There's a simple property set up in the init.rc, that watches for the boolean flag and sets it according.

>>> FAQ <<<
(1) Pre-Requisities:
You need to have a rooted handset. 

(2) Does it work?
Yup, it sure does work.

(3) Is it safe?
I say it is safe.
Disclaimer: If your handset blows up/starts smoking/screen goes funny - don't blame me! Use it at your own risk. It works on mine!

(4) The thing does not work?
Uhhh.... you MUST have a rooted handset.

(5) Is this free?
Yup, tis open source and the source can be found on github.

(6) Does it do anything malicious?
Malicious? Define Malicious? 
The code is there for everyone to see and it does not send a message to China or the moon and then make you through the nose for
 premium calls. Nor does it hose your contacts and forward it to some spybot out there in Russia. :P

(7) The darn thing is broken?
Like I said, look at #3 above.

(8) What License?
I hereby place this under the DWTFYL License, (Do Whatever The Fuck You Like). But please place credit where's due. That's all... 

(9) There must be a catch?
NAHHH... Just read the code and learn... I put that out there purely as an educational thingy for newbies to understand and learn.

(10) How do I build it?
You need the Android SDK, Java Developers Kit, and use ANT to build the code.

Email me.