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Daemon server for ZTE Blade's FM Radio chipset
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ZTE Blade FM Daemon

A server daemon program that controls the radio.

The Java GUI Front-End shall interact with this thus making it flexible and not dependant on the android base framework.

The server is quite a simple daemon that creates two pipes, one for sending commands to it and the other for receiving statuses.

The client: 
	1. Opens the command pipe for writing and issues commands to control the radio.
	2. Opens the status pipe for reading and grabs the statuses from the operation.

As an example:
	~ cat > ztebladefm_cmds
		~ ON
		~ TUNE 11280
		~ VOLUME 13
		~ Ctrl+D here or EOF

	~ Radio is turned on and reset, tuned into station 112.80, volume adjusted to 13. 

Simple you reckon? More cleaner and refined.

The regex stuff is used for the pattern matching of the commands, using POSIX where concerned, the inclusion of the OpenBSD's sources
 for the regex is under the BSD Licence. So please leave the credits in there if you intend to rip it.

I have used the agcc perl script to handle the awkwardness of compiling straight C code using Android's NDK.

The agcc can be found at

Source code laid out is as follows:
	~ Makefile.pc - for dev efforts on Linux x86 platform.
	~ Makefile.zteblade - for dev efforts on ZTE Blade.
	~ ztebladefm_main.c - the main execution of the server.
	~ ztebladefm_daemonutils.c - helper utilities for daemonizing code and logging.
	~ ztebladefm_regexps.c - handles regexps for parsing the commands required and...
	~ ztebladefm_cmds.c - the delegated functions corresponding to each command to do the ioctl calls to the chipset.

There's two makefiles, on the x86 Linux platform, using the Linux gcc toolchain, will test out the daemon server. 
Two of the pipes for commands, and status MUST be opened i.e:
	~ cat > /tmp/ztebladefmdCmds # to send commands to the daemon
	~ cat /tmp/ztebladefmdStats  # to see the outputs

To run the daemon on the x86 Linux platform issue this:
	~ ./ztebladefmd > ztebladefmd.output &

To get the daemon running off the ZTE Blade, it is necessary to fpush  the daemon into a directory...

To Be UPDATED shortly....

Ok, PCRE is built and linked in, you will find the Makefile.pcre and the associated config.h/pcre.h necessary for the Android platform to
compensate lack of standard posix regexps.
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